YouTube Marketing: The Basics

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YouTube marketing, in short, means using YouTube videos as one marketing channel. Why YouTube? YouTube is the second and most popular site on the internet. And not just the site, but also the second most popular search engine after Google. It is therefore clear that, as a platform, YouTube has Sovereign control over the provision of video on the Internet. It’s worth remembering that Google owns YouTube, which means that Youtube videos have at least some advantage over Google search.

Video marketing should be considered when planning your company’s marketing package and marketing strategy. There is enough data on the profitability of video marketing, but one is raised: The Viewer internalizes 95% of the video message. Of the same message in text format, the Viewer internalizes only 10%.

One of the common misconceptions about (video marketing) is that video content only works in certain industries, such as sports, games, and cooking. While true that in some industries, producing video content is easier and more intuitive than in others, I argue that any company can produce content on YouTube if it so desires. There are several different approaches to producing a video: A law firm can explain your company’s tax planning with your video, a hotel can make a presentation and atmosphere videos of its premises, and a construction company can take you to the site for a day.

Creating a YouTube account

Creating your company or personal brand, You T Ube, is the first step on the road to a productive video market. Looking to the future, to create your account you should use your time, so you do not have to, for example, during the journey to confuse the audience realized that your video content in topic areas do not have yourself a Profitable i a. Unprofitability may be due, for example, to the fact that your content does not direct the Viewer forward, for example to websites, in which case the customer path may be short. Because of this, it is worth thinking about goals at the very beginning, already it a channel seeks to reach the country. Target is topics and themes that are relevant and the aim of handle channel. At the same time objectives provide direction expression elle and brand for the, already want to ita channel to create or maintain.

Create a channel:

First, you choose a name for your account, which is usually either your company name, your own name, or a name invented for your personal brand.
You choose a profile picture – your company logo or a picture of yourself.
You add a banner (cover image)
You add links, such as your website and social media profiles (picture at the bottom right of the cover image)
Suggested channels, if any (pictured right)
Later, when you have video content, you also add a “trailer” to the front page (video shown in the picture)
More information on building and setting up a channel can be found, for example, in the search term “creating a Y ou T Ube channel”. The channel home page (Adobe Photoshop as an example) looks like this:

YouTube Marketing – Content

The content should be planned  in advance, taking into account the planned topics and themes. If it is not immediately clear where the video is going to do everything, can a small research effort will collect video topics , for example, while surfing the industry for large hesitantly  blogs factors, and  About Yout Ube channels.  Collecting multiple subjects at once saves reflection on the day of shooting.  

It’s a good idea to look and content  with other channels and your website, for example, so that your different platforms  support each other, creating a unified image of your business . In the same way as elsewhere, social network, is also You T Ube plant the publication of want to make the most consistently . If the channel isn’t your main work platform, it’s understandable that there may not be time to design, shoot, and edit videos so that you could publish video content every other day, for example. Once a week or two , however, is already  better than nothing  Especially if you publish less often, you should make the videos a little broader and more informative . The goal is to keep the referrality of the video long, ie try to make the video relevant for a longer period of time. An excellent video then would be such that it could be kept referenced on a website for several years and would serve its purpose well  throughout that time , for example by describing a product or service.  

Producing content
Content production for either a camera or a program in which you deposit your video visual story. Many informative videos are kind of like Power Point presentations with added speech. For speech, you’ll want to have a reasonable microphone so that the video viewing experience doesn’t suffer from poor sound quality. To start although not need to be too picky Equipment MAbs would, naturally va criteria and the description will be updated places it clockwise, when the channel is growing.

For example, if you’re shooting yourself talking, in addition to the camera and performance, you should consider at least a good background and lighting. Daylight is a Surprisingly effective and inexpensive way to significantly improve video quality, and I would self-schedule video shots at ever brighter times of the day to maximize natural light.

In addition to the video material, the publication has other things to consider:

O tsikoinnissa is worth noting a good caption basic elements: the message, keywords, attractiveness and simplicity.
Write a description of at least one paragraph of video. It is a good idea to include keywords for the beginning of the description.
Add tags to the video. Ta git are words or phrases that indicate the content of the video and an important part of the

Optimization of capacity.

Select a thumbnail (the image that will appear in the search results) for the video. The picture should be – surprise, surprise – attractive.
It is definitely worth adding a clear link to your website in connection with the video.

YouTube Marketing – Audience
After all, the content you produce needs to get viewers in order to be of any use. The easiest way to get new viewers to your channel to market it in other you own social media channels and web pages. You can also ask people you know to divide the videos and at some point will begin to Advertise them, for example, You T Ube plant.

In addition, by making relevant and high-quality videos that provide a solution to a video problem, you’ll sooner or later get organic, or free, visibility into your account. The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to improve organic visibility in the way of Google search engine optimization. You T Ube SEO includes the same features as Google’s task of Optimization, from title formatting to different video’s tags.

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