The 10 common mistakes in SEO

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Some webmasters forget to take care of the technical aspect, which is very important even if they always talk about natural references in their blogs. In addition to content work, it is also necessary to apply to material technical work. Technical SEO is thus a big part of the work of SEO agencies and webmasters. It is necessary and can only be applied by professional SEOs in the case of a very large website.

What are the common errors encountered during our SEO services?


The meta tag has a great impact on search engine optimization. It can be used to highlight important keywords that search engines need to consider. A good headline can also make someone click on your site. The title tag can be up to 70 characters long (including spaces).

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The meta tag is a summary of your page. A summary of 160 characters (including a space) encourages an Internet user to click on your page. Avoid putting the same description on all your pages, by listing keywords instead of typing a sentence. Don’t forget the call to action, for example by contacting us to increase your click-through rate.

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Most, if not all, owners think that not every page on their website needs a well-written title. This problem is often seen as a secondary concern. Quality content is essential for your target audience and therefore for the search engines. We advise on the development of quality content. Google keeps a 300 word page. In addition, the relationship between the text below and the HTML is considered an indicator of the quality of the code.

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Images are very important because they grab the attention of users. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize them by providing an Alt tag with a description of the photo. Google is blind, this description allows the image to be referenced in a Google image. Tips for optimizing your photos.

5. THE TITLE BEACONS HN = H1, H2, H3, etc…

Users can be notified of their searches using Hn tags. These are the captions of the article. It is recommended to put 1 H1, 2 or 3 H2, 3 or 4 H4, etc.

The features considered by Google allow search engines and Internet users to fully understand your content. They facilitate the good SEO character of your page.


Concerns about redirects and links are different. Some don’t cause any problems and aren’t even considered errors (eg 301 and 310), while others can damage a website by affecting its visibility.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to ensure that the main pages are all accessible and not associated with 404 redirects.

Studies show that more than six sites can have link errors: either the link (internal or external) is broken, the 404 error, or the temporary redirects (310 error) are set incorrectly, or the domain is wrong configured, etc.


A clear structure and an acceptable URL (it is recommended not to exceed 2000 characters) are better not only for search engines but also for Internet users.

It can also be beneficial to the site owner through user experience and the impact of the URL, especially on ranking. Go further: how to optimize the structure of your site?


Using a text file called robot txt; the latter allows you to provide links to pages which may or may not be crawled by a search engine.

As soon as an engine spider lands on a site (for example,, it searches for a document that is located at txt before responding to any “document request”.

There is only one crawler txt file per site. In this article you will find important commands for a txt file.


An XML file containing URLs or sitemaps tells bots the way to go, helping them lose anything over time.

Errors in all robots.txt files usually cause problems with crawling the site. The optimization of XML Sitemap files continues.

10. The page load speed

Internet users generally don’t want to wait, they want pages that open in less than a second.

This can have an effect on positioning. It makes sense to upgrade technology as developments can ignore old technology. This can have serious implications for the indexing of the site. 4 ways to improve download time.

Mobile visibility is paramount because this search technology is currently expanding. It is also a way to stand out from other sites. Check the speed of your site with this tool from Google.

Now that you know the mistakes that typically happened in SEO audits, we hope we won’t see them again.

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