HostGator Web Hosting Review

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HostGator Review:  Pros &  Cons of the Gator!

Although relatively fast, advanced users may find HostGator lacking features. However, if you are looking for a simple and easy to use web server, then HostGator may be the right service for you!


HostGator Pro:

Fast server response time

Incredibly fast page loading speed

99.9% uptime guaranteed

Super easy to use UI

Kickass site builder and installation with one click

Very responsive customer service

Unlimited / Unlimited funding

Free dedicated IP (business plan only)!

Up to 60% off Bitcatcha readers

Featured by HostGator:

Lack of special speed features

Shady tense warranty

Incompetent customer service

Sell items while at the checkout

Only 2 data centers

Plans and Features of HostGator

Joint plan

Cloud hosting

WordPress cloud

9 reasons why HostGator is the best for you

1. Fast server response time

Considering they only have two data centers (both in the US, keep in mind), HostGator managed to perform very

well in Sao Paulo, Sydney and Japan, all in under 205ms of response time.

They worked fine in Singapore and London (222ms), but only slowed down by 717ms in Bangalore (if you are reading

this from India best post.

With an average of 190 ms worldwide, HostGator earned an A from us!

2. High blazing loading speed

With the exception of PHP7.1 and the built-in Apache-based content compression system, HostGator doesn’t have

much for them to do.

They don’t use SSD storage (only available with cloud hosting, boo!), No NGINX server setup or special caching

features like SuperGacher SiteGround … site load time is still very fast!

Cloud Hosting HostGator is one of the fastest and most reliable web hosting we have ever enjoyed (see our review

here), so there is a lot to be said when we say web hosting loading speed is almost on par with their cloud hosting. !

According to the test results, the upload speed of the shared hosting is only slightly lower than the upload speed of

our cloud program, which is damn surprising given that the cloud plan has an SSD, which increases the speed, pretty

much all the bells. and the whistles the world has to offer.

Also check the TTFB between the two test locations – the difference is negligible!

We are confident that with a little bit of optimization and effort, we can lower the loading speed further and squeeze

as much juice out of our HostGator Baby program as possible!

3. 99,9% guaranteed uptime!

The result can be significantly damaging to the site! It will make you lose potential sales and worse: it will cause your

website to drop in the Google rankings, which means losing all those icy clicks on the first page, which in turn will

make you LOSE MORE sales!

So yes, downtime is really a big no no in the industry so we’re pretty happy that HostGator’s plan has 99.9% uptime,

otherwise we’ll get a refund with 1 month of credit to use for your current subscription.

However, with HostGator’s reputations for solid uptime, we think we never need to use their modules. That said,

there are some warranty terms we’re not very happy with, but we’ll cover them later in the bugs section.

4. Super user-friendly user interface

I don’t know why, but the UI on most web services out there looks like it was designed by someone in the 1970s who

decided to get down to business halfway through.

You have to click a thousand times to find ways to do something and the problem gets worse if you don’t know the

layout (that’s why we prefer cPanel – everything is where it should be!)

Not HostGator.

With their bright colors, they are the only ones to have a truly pleasing user interface and more: they have made it

really easy to navigate the customer login page!

Everything is intuitive, with all the important links and buttons in places that naturally draw attention, making the

whole experience as simple as possible.

This is particularly important for entrepreneurs, why? Because if you’re too busy figuring out which button is doing

what and where you’re going to do something, you’re wasting precious time not running your business, which means

you’re not making money!

With HostGator, you can easily browse your client’s login and get your site up and running in no time, thanks to their

UX designers!

5. Kickass Site Builder and 1 click on Installations

I think we can all agree that comfort and speed are essential for entrepreneurs when it comes to construction sites.

HostGator’s built-in webmaster manages to do both, so you can quickly choose a template, customize it, and get it up

and running in hours.

They have very nice themes and once you have chosen what you like, you can customize it with equipment, features,

search bars or whatever you want.

The whole process is quick and easy and it only took a few hours to set up our test page (we had to go back to

WordPress in stock for all the speed tests).

The downside is that website builders are usually not optimistic about speed, so that’s a supplement for convenience!

You can also enjoy one-click installation, making installing your favorite applications very fast and incredibly easy!

This will allow you to get your site up and running in no time so you can literally get started and increase your sales!

All you have to do is click on the program you want to select, select the folder you want to put it in and press the

install button – HostGator presets everything else for you!

6. Very responsive customer service

If you have ever noticed that something went wrong on your site without someone to help you, you will be grateful

for the very responsive and strong customer support team.

Our experience with HostGator Customer Service has been quite good overall. Through live chat we did not have to

wait more than 3 minutes to respond and since our problems were relatively small they managed to get our site back

on the internet in 15 minutes!

But at the moment it is not possible to submit tickets as they are clearly updating the ticket system, so we have to rely

entirely on their live chat or we have to call.

If you prefer not to talk to anyone, they also have a large archive of knowledge-based articles so you can try to solve

the problems you face yourself!

We are quite happy with our customer service so far, but have some concerns about how diligent they are in solving

more complex problems, which we will discuss in our shortcomings.

7.  Unlimited resource!

They say the best things in life are free and we have to go with it. Some of the features that blew us away with shared

HostGator are free and immeasurable things. Here are some of our favorites:

Get it: You can host as many domains and email addresses as you want with HostGator! You no longer have to worry

about which domains should take precedence or pay extra for new email addresses. Very future proof!

You can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth and space, but this is limited to acceptable TOS usage policies. As long as

you are not abusing the system (for example, by keeping a copy of your backups on the system) or participating in a

peer-to-peer peer-to-peer registry, you should be fine.

Unlimited storage and bandwidth, free SSL, instant backup, unlimited email and more

8. Free dedicated IP 

The business plan allows you to enjoy FREE dedicated IP and why the hell is it so important?

Well, if you have an e-commerce site you want to use dedicated IP and SSL to keep your customer data safe and

secure! It helps to build trust between your customers and your site, which is very important if you want to get repeat customers from them!

Most people have to pay for this service (SiteGround charges $ 30 per year for dedicated IP only!), So getting it for

free from HostGator’s business plan is HUGE!

Indeed, there are plenty of benefits that dedicated IP offers, but we will talk about them in another article in the near


Lack of special speed measures

While HostGator works pretty well on its own (it’s not easy to get an A + rating from us!), We wonder how much

better they could be if they had trouble including some speed information, such as NGINX settings servers or system

optimization with one click!

Right now, the only way to optimize and squeeze all the juice out of your server is to configure and install plugins

manually, which takes time and expertise, something that most business owners do not always have on hand.

2. Shady upbeat warranty

So they gave us 99% voltage insurance and are actually in line with their uptime which is no doubt very good.

What really happens when their voltage time drops below 99%? Do we get our 1 month credit as promised?

Hint: no one knows.

HostGator Shady availability guarantee

See, their terms of service state that even though we get a monthly credit on our packages if the voltage drops below

99.9%, there is a loan approval in the opinion of HostGator.

In other words, they can choose not to respect the responsibility if they feel like it.

While we understand that HostGator must protect itself against unscrupulous claims, its arbitrariness to approve

loans is very vague and makes their liability entirely questionable.

3. incompetent customer service

Okay, so they’ve earned a cookie score for actually answering, but we have serious doubts about their supporters’

ability to resolve serious issues.

Previous experience shows that their live aid is outsourced to India (like most EIG subsidiaries) and is usually quite

useless in solving real problems.

We are not the only ones who think the same, check out these screenshots below:

User Reviews of HostGator

At the time of writing, we are unable to send tickets as they are clearly updating their ticket system. We wanted to

call them but had to jump through obstacles to find their support phone numbers.

Really Hostgator, what are you doing?

4. Selling items in the box

This is another shady exercise that we are not very happy with.

When you are in town, the intuitive UI HostGator tries to trick you into buying all the by-products you do not really


Make sure you carefully review your options and uncheck the boxes for items you do not want or you pay more.

5. Only 2 data centers

Yes, you read that right: HostGator has only 2 data centers and they are both in the US. If you are in another country

and are considering buying a HostGator account, you may want to double check this screenshot to see if the response

time is fast enough for you.

What’s bad is that we can not choose which data center to use, HostGator automatically decides for us and we cant change.

Having only two data centers is not great, but letting your customers not choose which data center they want to host

is just not cool.

Yes, HostGator has international offices in Asia like and, but they are known for bad

services, so we really do not want to host them.

HostGator’s Plans & Features

Shared Plans

HostGator’s shared accounts come in 3 wonderful sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

If you only want to host 1 page without web hosting without any problems, the puppy plan works fine, but personally

we think it’s best to start with the kids program. It costs just over extra dollars a month and you can host as many

domains as you want!

Of course, hopefully, you can always choose to upgrade to the business plan and enjoy all the exclusive services like

free SSL, dedicated IP and VoIP phone service.

As mentioned before, these little extras go a long way in making your online shopping site even more legitimate!

Cloud hosting

Again, you can choose the puppy cloud if you really want to cut costs, but you get so much more with the Baby cloud.

As with shared hosting plans, you also have the option to upgrade to the Business Cloud plan whenever you like.

WordPress cloud

Now these plans are completely different from local planning and cloud hosting plans as they are optimized for

WordPress and you are allowed to host up to 3 pages even with the business plan.

Verdict: Should I Host with HostGator?

We have to say that even though we feel good about HostGator, it does not make us feel good. They seem to target a

host-and-forget audience, a demographic that does not quite care about optimization and tweaks.

If you fall into this category, HostGator is really the perfect host for you! You do not have to worry about anything

else. They are very easy to use and intuitive – just install them, customize them and you’re good to go!

However, if you are the type who likes to tweak, fix and do whatever it takes to get the most out of your web hosting,

you might not like HostGator. We feel like they are trying to take as much control from us as possible so they can

make sure their systems run smoothly – as mentioned above, this is great for people who do not host the web, but if

you know what you’re doing, this seems pretty limiting. .

What they lack in functionality they make up for in use. Their UI is so intuitive and easy to use, I’m sure my

grandmother could create a simple page with HostGator.

In terms of speed, we have no complaints about the response time of the HostGator server. They are relatively fast,

as shown by the test results of our individual speed monitors.

However, we do not like that they have only 2 data centers (both located in the US) and they do not allow us to

choose which one to host.

Their need to hire qualified people in their support department (or perhaps not outsourced to India), but the credit

given where credit is due is very receptive.

Other than that, I think we’re pretty good with HostGator.


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