GeneratePress Review : Is It Really The Best Theme?

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GeneratePress Review : Is It Really The Best Theme?

Looking for GeneratePress Review?

After you blog, it’s more important to choose the right topic than you think. If you do not choose the right WordPress

theme for your blog, you will definitely not get it right.

Bad topic can ruin your blog, how?

Research shows that a second charging period can lower your conversion rate by 7%.

It’s huge ..! However, most users are from mobile phones, so your website should be 100% mobile-friendly.

I will not go into it further but the most important things to keep in mind when buying a WordPress theme are:


Mobile phone – responsive

SEO optimized

Speed ​​of light

I have tried many themes, GeneratePress is one of the best solutions.

But wait.

First of all, you need to know what Generatepress Premium is. And why it is necessary for your blog.

Clear your doubts about the Generatepress Premium theme and why you should use it

So let’s try it.

What is GeneratePress?

Why is the GeneratePress Premium theme the best?

GeneratePress Free and Premium

Features Generatepress Free Edition

GeneratePress Premium feature

GeneratePress Review: Pros and Cons


bad choice

Popular WordPress Websites with GeneratePress Themes

Price on Generatepress Premium theme

How to set up the Generatepress Free & Premium theme

7 Reasons for Generatepress is My Favorite WordPress Theme

The best GeneratePress course on Docs.Generatepress.Com

What I do not like

Frequently asked questions about creating top themes

Pack for GeneratePress theme

What Is GeneratePress ?

GeneratePress is a versatile WordPress theme developed by Tom Usborne that has both free and paid versions.

It’s a simple looking, easy and moving responsive theme that I’ve been using for a long time.

Generatepress Premum is the most popular and lightest theme used by many of my favorite bloggers.

When these popular bloggers use this premium theme,

There is certainly something special about this topic. In the following I have provided any screenshots or popular

blogs that use the premium theme “generatepress”.

This post is all about GeneratePress Themes Review, where in addition to the pros and cons, I’ll talk about GeneratePress Free and Premium, and why it’s one of the most popular WordPress themes.


Let’s talk about the latest statistics on the premium topic of generatepress and why people love this topic.

After several years of publication, this theme is becoming very popular as it exists and now has over 2,311,868


Why GeneratePress Premium theme is Best?

The Generatepress Premium theme is the most popular and lightest theme and I use this theme on this website as

well as on my other websites.

The fast loading time of this theme is so impressive that it can load your website in less than 1 second.

And we all know that page speed is also an important ranking factor. If your website doesn’t load faster, you will

definitely lose the ranking of your website.

It is the best mobile-friendly theme and you can customize it according to your needs. Fully customizable theme.

The subject size is less than 50 KB. This will help you understand how easy and powerful this topic is.

As mentioned earlier, generetPress includes both free and premium versions.

GeneratePress Free Vs Premium.

If you are just starting out and you don’t have enough budget to buy WordPress premium themes, you can use the free version.

The free version is fine even if you don’t need any additional customization.

Since the free version comes with a few limited options, you should have enough knowledge to enter CSS code to

make your website look the way you want.

With the free version of Generatepress you can customize your website. Here are some of the key features of the

GeneratePress Free Edition:

Mobile Friendly – It is completely responsive to mobile phones, even in the free version.

Lightweight – the theme size is undoubtedly quite good and offers better loading time.

1 Click Reset – when you want or want to set the theme as default, you can easily do it with a single click.

Custom CSS – If you want to design your website completely and this feature is not there and you have some

programming skills then you can just add custom CSS to help design it.

14 per unit – Follow 14 business models to take your custom path to the next level.

Typography and Fonts – You get a large collection of fonts and font options.

Documents – If you are a beginner and you don’t have enough knowledge of customization and WordPress, you will

get documents that cover almost everything you need for many.

GeneratePress Premium Features

Choose the premium version to take your custom to the next level and unlock great features.

Even if you do not have any programming skills, you can create your website as you wish. You can change almost

anything very easily. The Generatepress Premium version is basically a supplement called GP Premium which I will

show you how to activate the premium later in this article.

First, let’s look at the additional features of the premium edition –

Web Library – You can import one of 33 sites to start your next project.

Colors – The Premium Edition comes with over 70 different colors to help you choose the best color for your website.

Element – This is a collection of 14 elements in the GP Premium theme that you can use to create powerful pages.

This is an advanced crochet system and custom theme layout.

Woocommerce – This module enables visual elements of your woocommerce website. You can add more colors,

typography and look to your Woo Commerce store.

Menu Plus – It comes with sticky navigator, mobile header and all other stuff.

Spacing – This feature allows you to control the size, spacing and padding of equipment.

Blog – You can make your blog post look like a grid, column and masonry style. It offers you many other features like

infinite scrolling and so on …

Secondary Navigation – You can add additional navigation to your website with the same functionality as primary.

Background – You can add wallpapers to your site with various effects and options.

Chapters – You can use sections to split your pages or posts. It’s a small integrated page designer from generatepress.

Disable Items – You can disable various theme elements on specific pages of your webpage.

Copyright – In the premium version, you can remove the standard copyright message via generatepress and replace it

with yours.

Import / Export – If you ever want to copy your Generatepess settings to another webpage, you can import or export

your Generatepess settings with just a few clicks.

GeneratePress Review: Pros and Cons


Fast loading theme

SEO optimized top WordPress theme

Mobile friendly and attractive topic

Compatible with popular site forge

Merger Wocommerce

Easy to install and easy to use

Lots of custom options

Flexible header options

Content translator in 20 different languages.

Huge user group

Developer support

bad choice

Has a demo style but not full web pages

Not much of a third party integration

The free version is not so useful, but the Pro is great.

Price on Generatepress Premium theme

I compared in detail the made version and the premium version of generatepress. Now, you may have decided that it

is free or paid.

What is the price of the Generatepress Premium add-on to enable additional features?

GeneratePress will set you back $ 49.95 if you are a first time customer and offers a 40% renewal discount for all

existing customers.

That is unbelievable …!

Even the price of the theme can not be called expensive. It is quite affordable.

How to set up the Generatepress Free & Premium theme

Here are the detailed steps to set up a generatepress theme on your website. First of all, you need to set up the free

Generatepress theme. If you purchased the paid version, you will need to download this plugin to access the

professional features.

Step 1 – Log in to your WordPress dashboards

Step 2 – Go to Appearance> Themes

Step 3 – Download and install the Generate Press Theme

That’s it … If you have purchased Generatepress Premium, you need to follow the mentioned steps to unlock

premium features.

Step 1 – First click on this stunning and crashed link to purchase the premium themed add-on from purcahase

generatepress. Then you need to download the GP Premium additional zip file.

Step 2 – Now you need to add it to your website. Then go to Plugins> Add-new

Step 3: Now download the zip file you recently downloaded.

Step 4 – Once the download is complete, activate the plugin.

Step 5 – Now you need to open the additional features. To do this, go to Appearance> Create Short and make each

feature you need otherwise. Select them all and activate them en masse.

Step 6 – It’s time to add your license key to get free automatic updates. To access the license key, just log in to create

an impression and search for downloads. Simply copy and paste your license key.

Last step – open the control panel for wp admin and go to overview> generatepress. In the Updates section, paste

your license key and click the Save button.

Congratulations, you’ve set it up.

7 Reasons Why Generatepress is My Favorite WordPress Theme

Generatepress is now my best choice when it comes to WordPress themes. Here are 7 top reasons why it’s on my

favorites list –

Speed ​​of light –

Generatepress is a very light topic under 1MB, so you get an amazing page loading experience.

And you know what?

Website speed affects your ranking. So if your website does not load quickly, you will not succeed in search rankings.

It’s not just about rankings, it’s also about the user experience of your website. People can not wait any longer these

days. If your website takes a long time to load then it will bounce back.

Incredible support and documentation –

Generatepress offers you comprehensive documents, covering almost all of your requirements, even in the free

version. For example: add custom CSS, change color, etc.

The best thing?

If you are using the Generatepress Premium supplement, you will receive 24 hour support.

So if you still have any questions or problems, you can contact support and your request will be resolved very soon.

Activity –

Generatepress is a 100% responsive theme that gives mobile users a great experience.

Most users are mobile, so your website should be optimized for them.

Following Google’s first mobile update, Google does not support non-mobile websites.

In short, for a better mobile ranking and a better user experience, your website should be fully responsive to mobile.

As with Generatepress, it is fully responsive to mobile phones and almost all content is optimized for mobile phone

users nowadays.

Compatible with page builder –

The GeneratePress theme is compatible with almost all webmasters such as Thrive Architect, Elementor, etc.

Myself and many of my friends like Rajat Agnihotri, use a successful architect with createPress and have no


But if you ask me which page author is best for createPress?

Next, Elementor is officially recommended by generatePress, which offers both free and a paid version.

Advance Customisation –

If you are using the free version of generatepress, the adjustment is definitely very easy and limited. In fact, you can

not do it exactly the way you want it. To do this, you need enough programming knowledge.


You can customize the paid version as you like. Some advanced custom options will be open. Even if you are not a

technician and have no programming skills, do not worry.

Easy to use –

Generatepress is absolutely beginner friendly. It is actually very easy to customize it at will.

If you are new to WordPress or if you do not have the coding or technical skills, you can even customize it with ease.

All features are accessible with WordPress custom and are categorized for easy access.

Affordable price –

If you are a beginner and even your budget is tight, you can afford it.

It has all the features you need at an affordable price.

These are the main reasons that made this topic my favorite, but at the end of the day, I also love how it looks.

Get GeneratePress

The best GeneratePress course on Docs.Generatepress.Com

If you have trouble customizing the GeneratePress Premium theme, there are plenty of helpful tutorials at

Below I will give you some basic instructions and import links to customize your WordPress theme like a pro.

Install GP Premium

GeneratePress and GP Premium

Adding icons to menu items

Sticky sailing

Aim for your logo in the navigation

Add buttons to the navigation

Add video with menu media

Above are the main official GeneratePress tutorials that help you customize your WordPress theme easily.

If you are still having trouble adjusting, you can contact the support team.

They are very supportive.

What I do not like

I actually use the Pro version and have not found any major issues with it. The only downside I think is that it does

not allow a lot of third party integration.

Finally, the free version of Generatepress is nice, but not so good, but the premium version is amazing.


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