Serpstat Review: The Ultimate SEO & PPC Tool

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Serpstat Review: The Ultimate SEO & PPC Tool for Bloggers

Serpstat is an all-in-one search tool that is ideal for businesses that want to map a large number of keywords at an affordable price.


This includes all major keyword research, backlink analysis, ranking, and site audit features.

Competition Analysis lets you discover and analyze keywords and backlinks from your best competitors

Serpstat login plan allows you to track 15,000 keywords and 500 keywords in SEMrush

It is about 30% cheaper than Ahrefs and SEMrush


Backlink analysis reports gives a fraction of the data compared to Ahrefs and SEMrush data wholly.

Visualizing the data to track the keyword range is a bit confusing

Customer service is offline after 2 p.m. EST, but usually responds to the ticket within one business day

What is Serpstat?

Serpstat is an all-in-one search engine used by 250,000 users around the world to improve their online search

performance. Features such as keyword research, backlink analysis, ranking, and site monitoring allow you to

optimize your search efforts and maximize your site traffic and visibility. In addition, Serpstat can help you better

understand your competitor’s online marketing tactics.

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Full overview
Serpstat prices and costs
Main features of Serpstat
Keyword research
Backlink analysis
Track keyword rankings
Comparative analysis
On-site inspection
Serpstat v competitors
Is Serpstat right for you?

Full overview

Serpstat was founded in 2013 by Oleg Salamaha as a key research tool for the Ukrainian market. Today, the company

has more than 80 employees and more than 260,000 active users.

Serpstat is an all-in-one search engine used by digital marketers. The main features of the software are keyword

research, backlink analysis, ranking and site monitoring. These are the same core features that competitors like

Ahrefs and SEMrush offer.

Serpstat offers less than $ 60 a month than Ahrefs and SEMrush. In addition, the Serpstat entry-level plan allows

you to track 15,000 keywords and 500 keywords in SEMrush. However, the Serpstat platform is less efficient than

these alternatives. For example, we found that backlink analysis reports returned a fraction of the data compared to

Ahrefs and SEMrush data.

Overall, Serpstat is a good choice for businesses that need a basic tool and a large number of keyword mapping.

Companies with larger budgets should consider the benefits of choosing a more advanced tool like Ahrefs and


Serpstat seo tool

Serpstat prices and costs

Serpstat prices range from $ 69 to $ 499 per month.

Lite: $ 69 per month. Up to 1 user and 15,000 keywords.
Normal: $ 149 per month. Up to 4 users and 60,000 keywords.
Advanced: $ 299 per month. Up to 6 users and 150,000 keywords.
Business: $ 499 per month. Up to 8 users and 300,000 keywords.
Customers who pay annually receive a 20% discount on Serpstat’s monthly price.

Key features of Serpstat
We then discuss the main features of Serpstat and what benefits it would bring to your search efforts. We also

include screenshots of the product to get an idea of ​​the design and architecture.

Serpstat features:

Keyword research
Backlink analysis
Track keyword rankings
Comparative analysis
On-site inspection

Keyword research

A key feature of Serpstat is the keyword research tool that can be used for your SEO and PPC search campaigns.

We’ll then look at how you can use this tool to find great paid and organic keywords to gain an edge over your


SEO keyword research

Serpstat can be used to identify high quality keywords for SEO campaigns. This tool can be used to create new

content ideas and improve the effectiveness of existing content. Although this tool has all the basic features, it is not

as powerful as Ahrefs or SEMrush.

To search for keywords using Serpstat, type the root keyword in the search bar. The app returns a number of related

keywords, along with keyword difficulty and search volume.

PPC keyword research

Serpstat’s PPC keyword research tool enables users to take advantage of functionality similar to SEO keyword

research tools in their paid search campaigns. Again, although Serpstat offers a wide variety of data and

functionality, it is not nearly as advanced as its main competitors.

Serpstat helps users choose the highest paying keywords by providing data such as search volume, estimated cost per

click (CPC), and keyword difficulty. In addition, Serpstat records and displays the most recent search advertisements

used by other companies for certain keywords.

serpstat seo tool

Backlink analysis

Serpstat’s backlink analysis tool is invaluable in understanding your site’s existing backlink profile and uncovering

promising content ideas. While accurate, we’ve found that Serpstat doesn’t detect backlinks as much as more

advanced tools like Ahrefs.

The Serpstat dashboard contains basic information such as number of backlinks, referring domains, and percentage

of followed and untracked backlinks. Serpstat also includes a graph visualizing the number of new and missing

referring and backlink domains over time.

By reporting the latest pages from Serpstat, you can see the pages with the most backlinks on any site. These high-

performing sites are a useful source of inspiration for your own backlinks campaign. The same content that creates

backlinks for other businesses is likely to work.

Keyword Ranking

Serpstat’s ranking feature helps you judge the success of your SEO efforts. You can monitor the position of the most

valuable organic search keywords and track the visibility of your site against your competitors.

The biggest difference between Serpstat and its competitors lies in the number of keywords it can track. Serpstat lets

you track up to 15,000 keywords for $ 69 per month. It costs over $ 500 per month for AccuRanker or SEMrush.

Serpstat Rank Tracker has more features than any other search tool. This includes daily ranking data updates, the

ability to monitor mobile and desktop rankings, and the ability to use geography-specific ratings.

However, Serpstat lacked some of the functions of the more advanced ranking tools. This includes a less intuitive

interface, less sophisticated filtering, and a lack of highlighted snippet reports.

Comparative analysis

All of the services described above can provide you with insight into your competitors’ marketing strategies. For

example, with Serpstat’s keyword research tool, you can have an edge over your competitors.

Serpstat also offers reports that specifically analyze competitors. This report helps you find competitors and the

keywords you are fighting for.

Best organic runner

Serpstat’s keyword research feature shows you the most popular competing sites that share the most organic search

terms with your site. The dashboard displays general keywords, missing keywords and relevance scores.

Domain vs. domain, you can use a Venn chart to compare your site’s keywords against competing sites (up to 2). This

tool allows you to find out which keywords are shared and unique, remind you or the keywords of your competitors

that you are targeting.

Highest Paid Search Competitor

Serpstat’s competitor report is similar to the data from the organic research report described above. This tool shows

the top paid search competitors sorted by the number of common keywords.

SEO Domain on top vs. Like any domain service, you can use this Venn chart to find paid keywords offered by your

competitors. Identifying these targeted keywords and CPCs will allow you to make informed decisions about your

paid search campaigns.

Site audits

Serpstat’s site verification feature increases search visibility by detecting and fixing technical search problems. Site

reviews provide a great user experience and increase your chances of getting to the top of search results.

The on-site inspection report reveals technical errors that affect your ranking, such as duplicate and missing title

descriptions, links to redirected pages, and a lack of implementation of HTTPS and meta tags. In addition, Serpstat

measures the loading speed of your site and suggests possible improvements, including image optimization, the use

of JavaScript and CSS, and the readability of fonts.

Serpstat v. Competitor

Serpstat is an SEO software tool that is primarily a competitor to Ahrefs and SEMrush. The main alternatives to

Serpstat are:

SE classification

Is Serpstat right for you?

Serpstat is the ideal all-in-one research tool for agencies and businesses looking to track high-cost keywords at low

cost. Tracking 15,000 keywords on Serpstat costs $ 69 per month. For Ahrefs and SEMrush, it costs hundreds of

dollars a month. As explained above, Serpstat does not have many of the features that would be found in more

advanced competitors.

If tracking price and a large amount of keywords is paramount, Serpstat is a great choice. If you have the cost to buy

a complete tool, you might want to try Ahrefs and SEMrush.

To learn more about Serpstat, try it today for free.


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