Real Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

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Real Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

As a blogger, no matter what stage of your journey you are currently in, we are constantly looking for different ways to increase your blog traffic.

In this article, I’ve put together 36 different ideas to help increase traffic to your blog.

But that doesn’t mean you have to look for them all at once.

In fact, DO NOT do it!

Don’t strain too much. Instead, focus on a few things at once and then move on to the next.

But before we get started, I want to share one thing with you.

There are only three types of traffic:

Traffic you manage (your email list)

Traffic you can influence (social media and search engines)

Purchase traffic (ads)

All three require very different types of effort, but can only be successful if you give real value to your content.

Now that it’s clear, let’s start watering.

 1. Write more content

The content is king and queen

This is the heartbeat of your online business!

No content = No traffic.

Basically, if you have 10 articles, don’t expect thousands of visitors every day (unless you’re willing to pay a few dollars).

Every new article you write is like buying a lottery ticket. The more you have, the better your chances of winning this jackpot!

So write more content! And you will get much more traffic than you won’t.

 2. Publish better articles

Followed by n. Advice. 1, should be ready to send more, right?


The content needs to be good, even very good, and not just true.

So make sure your new articles are better than anything you’ve published before!

Here are some simple tips to make your content more readable, engaging, and engaging:

Get excited about what you write and want to share!

Use a proper H2 title that is outstanding and easy to read in an instant.

Use bold, italic, and bullet points to emphasize important points.

Add images to expand the text and avoid readers ’headaches. (We do not write research articles here.)

Optimize your images (the link to the free site I use) so they don’t take long and deter readers.

Write short paragraphs and sentences that are easy to read and flow quickly.

Add videos.

If you follow these tips, you will stay longer and really engaged with your readers on your site.

After all, the thousands of visitors who bounce off your site in the first few seconds isn’t as impressive as a few hundred long stays.

3. Focus on the values

People visit your site because they think there is something for them.

So in order to get more blog traffic, you just have to offer more value.

We can do this with helpful and informative articles, tutorials and tips.

The fun and easy entries also add value because making people laugh and have fun is simply awesome!

So before you write the following post, ask yourself:

Why would anyone want to read and share this? What value do I offer here?

4. Write different types of content

Simply put, unless your blog is called “Tips, Other Tips, and a Few More Tips,” don’t write 50 articles followed by “10 Tips for …”.

It quickly becomes boring and obsolete.

Instead, incorporate and reach a wider audience interested in different things!

10 tips a …
Why what …
10 best / best / new …
You have to …
Remember to write content of different lengths.

My typical content is around 1500-3000 words and I have over 5000 words of basic content.

Longer content helps you rank faster on Google, and both are shared across different social networks to drive more blog traffic.

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5. Perform written activities

Do you want to increase your traffic and not wait too long?

Order several hours for consecutive days and write as if there is no tomorrow!

Here are some tips on how you do it:

Disable exactly when, where and how many hours you will write each day.

Set measurable goals that you can set.

Brainstorm and list the blog post topics you want to see completed during this time.

Set a timer that determines the duration of each item.

“Work extended to time available for completion”

So if you publish one article a week, it takes about a month to publish 4 reports.

6. Reuse your content

More blogging traffic can come not only from new articles, but other types of content as well.

You can try to include the best content in YouTube videos or podcast episodes.

Even if you aren’t actively trying to expand this channel, people will likely like your content. And who knows, you

ight like the process so much that it makes you the number one source of traffic!

7. Update old content

If you’ve blogged for a long time, you probably have a lot of old posts that you posted months or years ago.

And if you’re like me, you’ll never open it again after the article is published and promoted.

Well, I recently learned that if your content isn’t on Google, or it’s not shared carelessly, it wouldn’t hurt to tweak it a bit.

Sometimes that means updating with a new image, making it easier to read, creating new promotional materials, or improving SEO.

Other times, adding more content makes it richer and more valuable.

You are really successful right now, don’t let your work go to waste. A few changes can make a big difference to your traffic.

8. Cross-network content

This has two advantages:

Visitors stay on your site longer by viewing multiple pages.

Search engines know more about your content.

All you have to do is add relevant links to your other content!


There are many great tools available

Become an expert in your field

It’s great if you’ve set the spaces correctly and are ready to edit them.

Continuous writing of great content on the same topic generates recognition for the average browser.

The goal is to rank in the search engines and have a social media presence so that people recognize your blog name!

For example, when I searched for something on SEO, I saw the name Neil Patel appear.

And imagine? When I saw your name appear because I recognized it, I clicked on your post no matter where it appeared.

Of course, there are plenty of blogs and other great people out there that deal with this topic. But for me he is an expert in his field.

And it happened after reading my super trick “SEO Made Simple” article.

All you need to check is learn more about SEO or just see what great content looks like.

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10. Go to the Share community button

Sharing people with your content isn’t always as easy as it sounds …

But it all starts with giving them a chance to share.

You can use any extension as long as it doesn’t stop at your blog posts.

I use a mixture of Elementor and Social Warfare.

Let people share their fears!

11. Ask people to share

I think we should say out loud what we want in life.

The same goes for your content!

Ask people to share your article if they find it scary, for example:

12. Learn SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Quickly Become Your Best Friend!

It may seem scary or confusing at first. But honestly, it’s A-MA-ZING!

How would you like to have free traffic every day?

You see it takes time to master SEO, there are always nuances and algorithmic changes.

But one thing always remains: the intention.

Google wants to provide people with the best, most relevant, and most useful content for them. And when you’ve

one that, you’re halfway there!

Then, of course, you also need to create a Google Search Console account.

Submit a sitemap. You can use the free Yoast plugin to help you with this and more

Do a little keyword research.

Then use these keywords + synonyms in titles, descriptions, alt tags of images and in all content. Don’t overdo it, this

s called “keyword stuffing” and it can do more than just help

And you can do it right!

Google traffic takes a while, so don’t expect same-day results. But over time, it accumulates.

So get ready ASAP and focus on your great content!

13. Pinterest Mania

Pinterest is my second favorite after SEO because it is so easy and fun to use. And the results are amazing too!

I think almost every Pinterest blogging niche should use this search engine for visual traffic growth.

I will not have much to say here because I talked a lot about it, you can read more about it in my other posts:

14. YouTube it

YouTube is a great video search engine and is much more competitive than blogs.

Want to see how many articles are published today? You can see the live counter here.

It really is very simple. Most people find it more convenient to speak in front of a camera than to post a blog post.

So why not do both and get more reach and traffic?

If that’s not your job, don’t worry, many bloggers do it without constantly posting videos on YouTube.

15. Podcast in full

If you still have something to say, maybe podcasting will work for you as a source of extra traffic to your blog.

You can pick up your articles and read them aloud while recording your voice. This should be a little less awkward

han the video.

Or you can do the opposite. Record your voice, rewrite it and have 2 great content.

You can then upload your recordings to various publishing platforms and integrate them into your blog.

16. The Impact of Instagram

If your blog is about photography, why not share it on IG?

Even if you do not, you can still create great offers, create Insta Stories or post videos.

Many people love Instagram and you can get a few clicks on your blog from the BIO link.

If you are serious about using IG, your first goal is to get 10,000 followers so you can unlock the Pull Up feature.

This is when you can start posting engaging traffic from your stories to your blog every day.

Social media helps you get active traffic and SEO, YouTube and Pinterest are more passive.

Once you post information on this platform, it can provide you with traffic for months or even years. On social

networks you repeat, you lose.

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17. Twitter

If you want to post a lot of things every day, Twitter can help you get more clicks to your website.

The overall impact disappears very quickly, but with good monitoring and depending on your niche, it can be good

for you.

Choose the social network where your avatar is located, your ideal reader. This is when you know it’s worth the time

and effort

18. Analyze and improve

Once you finally get the traffic, it’s important to remember what really matters: engagement and retention.

Hence, to get more traffic to your other pages, you need to focus on the traffic that is already on your platform.

For that, I recommend going straight to Google Analytics and researching some important numbers such as bounce rate.

But do not just look at the average bounce rate because it does not tell you how to improve, dig a little deeper.

Go to Behavior -> Page Content -> All Pages and you will see the top pages and their statistics for the month.

For example, “/ 26-artist-best …” is an article that recommends the best sketchbook for people to buy it. Therefore, I want people to go back and buy this sketchbook for himself.

So, a bounce rate of 80.33% is a good thing.

But “/ 100-character-design-sheets” is an article with a bounce rate of 81.03%, but this is an article I do not recommend.

So I had to go back and focus on adding relevant cross-links and better organizing the content so that visitors would

stay longer and look at other pages!

19. Test all A / B

Test, test, test!

How do you know which title works best? Or what image are people likely to share?

Not you!

The only way to know for sure is to test your options.

Various tests can be performed with accessories and tools.

For example, if I want people to open my email but do not know how to call it a better open rate, I can use the

convertkit A / B testing features as follows:

ConvertKit will then randomly take a percentage of your subscribers and rank them in groups A and B.

20. Follow a schedule

Imagine your favorite TV show airing whenever you want and you don’t have a set schedule. On Monday they will air

at 7 a.m. and on Tuesday 5 episodes in a row starting at 11 p.m. until 4 a.m.

And they never tell you when they will air so you just have to guess

Would this still be your favorite?

Of course not !! You would miss the whole plot !!

You should consider posting articles / videos / podcasts in the same way.

Tell your subscribers how often and on what day you post your content so they know when to come back for more.

Also, set a timeline on your calendar when you spend time creating new promotional material for your items.

Whether it’s Pinterest Pins or photos / posts on other social networks, review old posts and bring them back to the

limelight to increase traffic.

21. Keep Readers Coming Back for More

Did you know that most of the people who visit your blog once will never find it again?

It is very sad!

So help them remember you and keep coming back for more content.

You can do this by getting visitors to like the social media site you are most active on, and then posting blog updates there.

Or my favorite way: email marketing.

Encourage them to subscribe to the mailing list so you can keep them up to date with blog posts.

Trust me, if I could go back in time and start my blog from scratch, the first thing I would do is create a free post and start collecting emails. It’s the gold of your blog!

If you don’t know why you should collect emails, I have a list of my top 5 reasons.

And, if you have a blank mind when reading the words “gift” or “encouragement”, you should definitely read this post on 6 strategies to get email subscribers.

Even if you think you shouldn’t or don’t understand why you’re doing this, you’ll be grateful later on that you can build your mailing list as soon as possible.

 22. Newsletter distribution list

Now that you are convinced that you need a mailing list, what is the next step?

If you sit aimlessly, the people who signed up will forget about you.

And many new bloggers are so concerned, “okay, what am I writing to you?”

It’s easier to email an update every time you post a new article.

Can you imagine receiving clicks and readers right after publishing a new article? It is so wonderful !!

Imagine you are talking to your best friend, be silly, honest, sarcastic, whatever floats on your boat, be yourself.

They will love you for it!

(Pssst … if they don’t like it and they lose the subscription, their loss, you are completely terrible! And that just means they are not your perfect person. Find so much more!)

23. “Monthly”

Monthly is one of the 36 ways to increase traffic from your blog to your blog! In this list of tips and ideas, you will

find exciting new ways to drive more visitors to your blog through SEO, Pinterest, social media, guest posts, and

more. See the full list in the article … #blogging # block-traffic

I call it every month because it’s easy to remember

Each month, create a compilation of all content for that period and share it with your subscribers via email and post

it on social media.

People are ACTION! Although we are interested in what you have written and are eager to read it, we may not have

time yet and then forget it.

So by sending or posting these monthly reminders, you will get more clicks guaranteed!

Every time I send a monthly mailing list to my other blog, I force an average of 1.5% of subscribers to read the content they missed.

It’s free traffic waiting for you

 24. Automated Messaging Topics

Articles we’ve written in the past are buried under new and hard to find.

I said earlier that we need to create new promotional material to keep it warm, but we can go further

I like to set up automatic email sequences with Convertkit’s automation tools and then update them once every few months.

For example, if you write different recipes, you can summarize them as builds like this:

100 dinner recipes to try! (and links to up to 10 of his 20 recipes

Vegan to the end … (and links to all his vegan food articles)

Do not have time to cook? No problem! (links to all his articles related to slowcooker)

Do you understand the point?

And then set them up once a week / month for anyone who subscribes to your list!

It does not take much effort, but it helps readers discover more awesome content and build trust.

 25. Build a community

Another way to drive more traffic and new users to your website is to build a community of your employees.

I think one of the best ways to do this is to create a Facebook page (link to my blogger Facebook page is private, but

you can sign up!) And invite everyone.

I’m pretty bad at it, because I spend most of my time on my students’ Facebook page.

But the general rule is, give your employees a way to talk to like-minded people, communicate with you and share

their thoughts.

They will love you for it and will become your most dedicated fans.

I LOVE my students from the group SAB FB. To me they are like family and it is great fun to learn and have fun together.

That should be the goal of everything you do: add value. And then the word will spread and your loyal  readers

will talk about you and your work to their friends.

This type of recommendation is the most powerful!

26. Interact with your readers

Yes, I do talk a lot about how to increase visitor traffic, but aren’t they the best?

Think for a moment …

WHY do you want more traffic?

Probably have more influence, reach a larger audience, help more people, make more money, etc., right?

Well, your repeat readers are more likely to become your repeaters and loyal customers. And they will share your

content and talk about you!

Therefore, give them the value and recognition they deserve by responding to their comments, emails and posts.

Many bloggers ignore this point, but getting back and building relationships is very important.

The people you care about will come back and read all your posts, which means more traffic, engagement and trust.

Check out 36 ways to increase your blog traffic to your blog! In this list of tips and ideas, you will find exciting new

ways to get more visitors to your blog through SEO, Pinterest, social media, guest posts and more.

27. Guest blogs

The goal is to reach bloggers who run blogs in the same or similar niches as yours and write free content for them.

Yes, this is a good time and you can’t just get something to the peninsula and destroy your name and contact with this blogger.

Guest blogs are great for several reasons:

you will receive a link to your relevant blog or blog post.

let Google know what your blog is about (that’s why feedback from the right niche is so important!)

you have a chance to discover your blog readers, otherwise they will never find you.

you need to build relationships with bloggers from all over the world who understand what they are writing.

I’ve never made a guest blog, but I get at least 1-2 emails a month from other bloggers trying to write on my blog.

At first, I was very happy to receive these emails and work with others. But then I learned the sad truth about what

happens most of the time. People sending email:

Send a general email to everyone: “Hello, blogger. I love your blog. Can I send guests?”. I mean, at least write the

name of my blog at your blog !!

I don’t know my content and I want to write articles that are not related to what I write.

Half of their work and every sentence sends articles with errors that most of them don’t make sense.

I hope to publish a 300 word article.

So guys, if we don’t have time to do this right, please don’t even start doing it on behalf of all the bloggers.

Guest blogging can provide some extra traffic, but it’s more than that!

If you have time and want to tryat least once.

Read blog posts (it may sound obvious, but many don’t)

Before requesting a guest blog, contact the author (comments on articles, email about content you like, suggestions,

comments, ideas, etc.)

Write a personalized email , be respectful, engaging and professional in your approach.

Introduce your blog soon and maybe offer how you can help them too.

Make a list of topics you can write about that weren’t mentioned on their blog before and that you think would be


Tell them there are no hard feelings if they don’t accept guest posts and you will continue to enjoy their content in

any way!

In short, don’t expect to get or receive without giving back anything that might just be the respect you deserve.

 28.Invite guests

You can always invite guest bloggers to your blog in return for a link from them. Or better yet, find and interview

experts in your field!

People want an interview because it reminds them how special and fantastic they are, + who doesn’t want to talk

about themselves?

Your readers will love it and generate a lot of excitement, and potentially get a social media link or exposure on your

blog from the person you’re interviewing.

Here are some tips:

Contact an expert in your field by email.

Introduce yourself and what you do, be respectful and honest.

Tell them why you think your readers will like them.

Prepare a series of questions in advance.

Make sure the questions present them in the best possible light, while also providing value to readers.

After posting the interview, send them an email with a link and ask them to share it if they liked it.

This is a great way to gain more visibility and new incentives for your blog’s short-term traffic.

29. Collaboration with others

Collaborating with other bloggers is often considered a guest blog, and collaborating with artists is considered an interview.

But we do not have to stop for that!

Make the most of your creative imagination and develop new, exciting ways to collaborate with others in the field,

create value for your audience and have fun!

For example, instead of doing an interview, you can ask for a tutorial, a day in life called a___ or ask a lot of people a

question and summarize it in one post!

You can even create a two-part series of articles on one topic and write one part, while another blogger can write the

next and link to the other content for traffic and benefits.

The sky is the limit for collaboration if you know it will reach more visitors or expose and enjoy the process.

 30. Find the influencers on the stand

As a blogger, you probably do not have time to make the most of all social media. However, there are some people

who do not even blog, but are incredibly present on social networks.

So if you see someone who has hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and about 50 people …

You can connect with influencers, pay them to publish a blog / product in their village or story, or come up with

another method that benefits both of them.

As always, be respectful and compassionate, it took a lot of time and effort to get to where you are now! They have

grown and warmed up their audience, and working with them can save you months of hard work.

 31. Run a giveaway or contest

I LOVE free stuff! And to be honest, who does not?

Gifts and contests have always been great ways to let more people know about your brand and your business.

Turning the ball can take some time (and you can make money on ads if your audience is small), but if you do it

right, you will get an impressive return.

If you do not have a physical product to offer, people will love gift cards and digital content! So if you have a course

or e-book that you are selling, this is a great thing (and free for you) that you need to sell for more traffic and visibility.

32. Be active in the communities

Discover where your potential audience is and relax with them!

This could mean joining Facebook groups, Quora forums, or other places related to your niche.

I’m not talking about spamming your links on these pages. Do not do this as it will simply block / reject you and not

generate clicks.

Instead, help yourself to the point where by posting a link to your article, people there already know who you are and

really want to click on it and see what you need to share.

33. Invest in ads that appear on different platforms

Most of the ways to increase blog traffic that I have shared so far are completely free. They need time, but they have

no monetary value.

So if you do not have time to invest or want to accelerate the growth of traffic while grabbing free opportunities,

there are always paid ads.

You can create and advertise on many different platforms!

My favorites are the ads on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Google.

Every process is different, but they all have one thing in common:

Writing is not a scary thing! Before you spend money, you need to at least understand the basics.

Have a way to get back at least some of the money spent. So wherever you send traffic, remember to promote the

mailing lists, products or services you offer.

Follow the rules. Learn the rules of each ad platform so that your ads are approved, not activated.

Before launching an ad campaign, ask yourself the following question: Am I clicking?

34.Keep learning

This list is not a definite answer to all your questions. This is more of an introduction.

Think about classes you had in high school or college. On the first day, the teacher often introduces the main topic

and divides what to do in the next semester.

Well the topic is clearly traffic here. But what lesson you want to follow next is your calling.

Therefore, take the time to choose something that you find most attractive and promising and set a goal for yourself

to figure it all out.

Knowledge is power.

And in this case, knowing how to properly use one tool or another – is a new traffic boost for you.



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