Mangools Review with 5 Incredible SEO Tools Under One Roof

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Mangools Review with 5 Incredible SEO Tools Under One Roof


Gone are the days when people spent money on all SEO tools. With Mangools tools, you have access to five great

SEO tools, KWFinder, SERPWatcher, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. There is an immediate 40%

discount on annual plans.

If you’re looking to increase your search engine traffic, here’s a short tip: get the right SEO tools.

Yes, but some devices need money to access. But blogging is just that. If you just want to spend your money and

time, you can make money blogging. Here are some SEO tools.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve probably heard of KWFinder, right?

KWFinder is one of the most widely used and most effective tools for keyword research. If you’re like me, you’ll

spend more time finding as many profitable keywords as possible.

Behind KWFinder is the Mangools brand, which is run by 4 great technology fans who are getting stronger.


What are mangools?

Mangools Review: 5 great SEO tools under one roof (instantly 40% off!)

1. KWFinder Overview: The Keyword Research Tool

2. SERPWatcher Overview: The only queue tracking tool you need

3. SERPChecker Overview: You can easily perform competitor analysis

4. LinkMiner Overview: Backlink analysis is simple

5.SiteProfiler Overview: A detailed overview of SEO metrics

What about pricing Mangools SEO tools?

Get a 40% instant discount (no Mangools coupon code required)

Pros and cons
Concluding remarks

What are mangools?

Mangools is an SEO toolkit consisting of five SEO tools.


Let me briefly explain what these 5 SEO tools are so we can discuss them in detail in this Mangools review post. Are

you ready

1. KWFinder: Having trouble finding high-traffic keywords? Then KWFinder is for you.

This is one of my favorite SEO tools for finding profitable keywords quickly and can be the perfect tool for your keyword research campaign.

You can enter a domain name or a specific keyword to find thousands of keyword ideas.

The tool also has three search modes: “suggestions”, “autofill” and “questions”. Each gives great results for finding hidden long tail keywords.

2. SERPWatcher: This is a line tracking tool. Want to find your keyword rankings very quickly and accurately?

This is the tool you need.

3. SERPChecker: If you want to quickly understand your competitors ’strategies, this tool is for you to help analyze

your SEO competitors. This is the only tool you need to do for a comprehensive competitor analysis that includes

more than 45 metrics (including Moz, Majestic asset information, etc.).

4. LinkMiner: If you want to exchange authentic sites with a large domain, LinkMiner is for you. This SEO tool helps

you to analyze the backlink profile of your competitors in more detail.

5. SiteProfiler: The all-in-one SEO tool includes four main features that control site credentials, backlink profile,

popular sites, and competition analysis.

Here you go. This is a brief introduction to Mangools tools, which consists of the five great SEO tools above. I hope

you are now better acquainted with each of the SEO tools. We move on to the details where we discuss them in detail.

mangools seo tools


1. KWFinder Overview: The Keyword Research Tool

So how can KWFinder help you find really good long tail keywords that will increase your site’s overall traffic and


Below is a simple, step-by-step demonstration of KWFinder keyword research.

Step 1: Go to the KWFinder page and enter the desired domain name or keyword.

I use WordPress plug-ins as keywords to find relevant, long-tailed keywords associated with them. You can also

select the desired country (USA, India, UK, etc.). Set your preferred language and click ‘Search Keywords.’

Step 2: Click Find Keywords to get all the relevant keywords and lots of information.

Let’s talk about everyone now. Let’s start with keyword suggestions first.

You’ll notice a lot in the Keyword Suggestions section, along with your keyword suggestions and their estimated


So what do you pay attention to besides keyword ideas that are relevant to the keywords you want? And what does

that mean? Let me explain this to you very fast.

Trends – Tracing trends over the past 12 months

Searches – average monthly search volume over the past 12 months (exact match)

CPC – Average cost-per-click for listed keywords

PPC – the level of competition in PPC advertising (min = 10; max = 100)

KD – keyword SEO difficulties based on SEO statistics (DA, PA, CF, TF, LPS, etc. – we’ll talk about it in a moment) on

the first page of Google SERP (min = 0; max = 100)

So you need to know these factors before finding the most valuable long tail keyword in their industry?

Now let’s talk about Part 2, Keyword Difficulty, which shows you how difficult it can be to rank certain keywords in

Google search results.

An example of a keyword, namely a WordPress plugin, is having trouble with 75 out of 75 keywords which are quite

difficult to rank on Google (if you are trying to get the top 3 results). Apart from keyword difficulty, you will also see

trends in your monthly search volume (so you can easily find out if your keywords are still trending or not).

Professional tip: If you want to make choosing the right keywords easier, always use the following keyword difficulty

table. The best keyword difficulty range is to select keywords under the age of 40.

Now let’s talk about the last part of the KWFinder tool, SERP analysis (which shows the most popular pages, which

are already among the top 10 results on Google). You’ll also look at lots of other important metrics, such as DA, PA,

CF, TF, as well as LPS, FB, AR, Links, RD, and RI, to find out how competitive the keywords you want are.

If you’re confused about DA, PA, and other metrics, here’s a brief description of the terms so you can better

understand them when calculating keyword competency.

Google SERP – Top Google search results for the selected keywords. The overall SEO score is calculated as the

average of the top 10 SEO competitiveness. Red color = excellent SEO competitiveness. Green = low SEO


LPS – Power of the overall link profile of URLs developed by Mongools.

search engine

DA Domain Agent (developed by Moz) predicts how well a site will rank in search engines

PA – Page Authority (developed by Mozi) predicts how well a particular page will rank in search engines

CF – CF is a stream of quotes developed by Majestic. Predicting how big a URL is can affect how many sites link to it.

TF – Trust Flow (developed by Majestic) focuses on relationship quality.

Links – The number of links that give external rights to the URL

FB – The number of Facebook shares associated with the URL

EV – Estimated monthly visits to SERP’s position

Make sure to read the above factors carefully to help you choose the right keywords, increase profitability and low


Step 3: Now that you know most of the metrics KWFinder has to offer, it’s now easier than ever to find low-

competitive, long-tail keywords for your keywords (so you can increase search traffic and sales by using them on

your site).

Let’s see how you can choose the best keywords from the list.

After you have entered the keywords you want, select your search results so you can ignore all the big monthly


Focus on keyword searches with a search volume of less than 2,000 (monthly searches) to get a faster ranking on

Google. For keyword examples, here are the best keyword ideas with an average of 1,900 searches.

This way, you select the best low-tail, medium-weight and long-tail keywords to rank quickly in Google’s search


Another quick tip for finding great tail keywords is to use filters quickly. Just click the filter button and enter the

items you wish to continue.

I have entered up to 2,000 search volumes (so only keywords with less than 2,000 searches per month will be

shown). And I also use SEO difficulty, max. 55. After setting the filter, all keywords will appear after applying the


If you target keywords with such long tails with long forms of content, you will immediately start attracting a lot of visitors to your site.

You can export all your keyword data to a .CSV file for later use or with your team. This is especially useful for those

who often work on their SEO projects.

So with KWFinder, you can find low-competition and very profitable long-tailed keywords very quickly.

Let’s talk about some of the features of KWFinder to better understand how these features help you search for


Why use KWFinder instead of other keyword research tools?

KWFinder is now covered in a detailed review post by Mangools. Here are some of the best things of KWFinder.

Find highly profitable long tail keywords in seconds.

There are many filters to remove all bad keywords (high-ranking or hard-to-rank keywords).

Ask for localized keyword suggestions.

You also get instant access to Google AutoFill.

Provides the most accurate keyword information (so you can choose the best one and easily eliminate others).

SERP analysis in one place. Take a look at your best competitors for the keywords you want to find out why they

came in first!

mangools seo tools

2. Overview of SERPWatcher: Everything you need

Now let’s talk about Mangools SERPWatcher, which is very useful for tracking keyword rankings on Google.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to use this SEO tool to monitor your keywords and their performance.

Quick note: Before tracking your keywords, be sure to set up a new track by typing the domain you want to track,

selecting your desired location (audience location), and selecting your search platform (desktop or mobile). Let’s dive

into the details.

Step 1: Enter a list of keywords you want to view

To find out where your keywords are already appearing in Google search, you’ll need to enter the keywords you want

to track. In the example below, I entered 2 keywords that we ranked on Google. Let’s see how this tool helps you

track your keywords.

As shown above, we entered 2 keywords in the column for the domains we tracked, and we mentioned

India to set up the new tracking data.

When you click the Start Tracking button, you will immediately begin tracking your keywords and display all the

relevant data for the keywords you entered.

Step 2: See how your keywords are performing on Google search

As soon as you click the Start Tracking button, you will receive all the keyword tracking data in SERPWatcher. It

looks like this.

contains tracking elements;

Today’s keyword position
Edit (if in keyword position)
The position is average
The best position
Total search volume
Estimated visits

In the example above, the monthly volume of the best keywords on the Indian blog is 2200. And I know I get traffic

for that keyword. So the data is very accurate.

In addition, a performance indicator is displayed:

That’s about 54.58%, which is very good.

The Performance Score is an aggregate metric that shows the unique percentage of potential organic traffic based on

your current keyword positions. If a keyword receives about 56% of its performance index, that means it’s currently

receiving about 55% of that keyword’s total search traffic.

Five factors are used to calculate the index:

Keywords to view
Search volume
Current position
The average CTR of an average position

Potential value, as if you were first in all the keywords you followed

This will change the performance score for each keyword.

You can also find out how much traffic you can get from these keywords each month.

Keyword data entered here.

You can see that the estimated number of visits per day is around 725 (combined for the 2 keywords), which is again

valid. It also gives you a good idea of ​​how many visits your keywords are generating per day from search engines.

So you can edit this post further by updating or creating additional links.

However, this tool also displays the position details of your keywords

This is especially useful for keyword tracking enthusiasts to learn how their keywords contribute to search results. So

what are you waiting for?

Start using SERPWatcher to start tracking the position of your keywords in Google search results right away. If

you’re not sure yet, here are some amazing features.

Why use SERPWatcher?

SERPWatcher has the following outstanding features.

With this tool, you can easily find traffic estimates, performance indexes and distribution rankings, and the daily

position of each keyword.

It has a unique metric called Performance Index (which tells you how your keywords are performing on Google


You will also have access to reports which you can download in .CSV format.
You can monitor both desktop and mobile results.
You can easily use tags to sort all your keywords.
You will also receive daily updates about the current position of your keywords in Google search.
You can also track the results where your target audience is and do a lot more!
Try SERPWatcher Free for 10 days

3. SERPChecker overview: Perform competitor analysis with ease

This is an effective SEO tool used to find competitors. Just enter the keywords you want to rank for, and this tool will

give you a comprehensive idea with some important SEO metrics.

Let’s go over it step by step below.

A quick note. Make sure you have an account on the Mangools device to access the devices covered here. If you

already have a mangools account, you can start using SERPChecker automatically without having to create a new


Step 1: Enter the keywords you want to rank for.

I typed in best Indian blogs and named India as my preferred location (you can also choose to

search desktop or mobile competitors for specific keywords on Google).

Step 2: Click on SERP Analysis for important information about your overall keywords. This is what I got.

The Result of the SERP Mangools Checker

SEO difficulties

Best results (for entering keywords)

Other SEO indicators like DA, PA, etc.

The above factors are sufficient to understand the severity of the keywords you wish to rank for. If your keywords are

less complex (under 50), you can do this easily and get a better position for them with minimal effort.

This way, you can use the SERPChecker tool to analyze competing keywords for a particular keyword to assess how

easy or difficult it is for you to place them.

Why use SERPChecker?

Below are the amazing benefits of using this tool.

You can easily research your competitors in depth

Search results for mobile and desktop are easy to identify

You can thoroughly analyze your competitors’ social signals along with your SEO metrics

Get localized SERP results

You can easily evaluate organic search results

4. LinkMiner Overview: Backlink analysis made easy

Links are essential if you want to outrank higher ranking sites.

With Mangool’s LinkMiner, you can find strong links from your competitors with one click so you can repeat them


It has a huge database of 9.5 trillion backlinks and to date, more than 2.5 trillion unique URLs have been mapped.

Mangools LinkMiner Features:

Find strong ties from competitors

Analysis of connection strength

One-click preview of backlinks in real-time

Save link to your favorites list

Advanced backlink analysis

Here’s a little guide on how to get started with LinkMiner for analyzing competitor backlinks.

Quick note: To access Juicy Tools, you need to create an account at Mangools (10 day free trial). If you already have

an account, you are ready to create your Mangools account first.

Step 1:  Visit the LinkMiner website.

Step 2: Enter the domain name you want to check for backlinks, click Find Links, and see how it works.

A backlink table with active backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs, referencing process, and trust score is


Unlike other backlink analytics tools, you can see the link feed, trust process, number of external links, Facebook

shares, Alexa rankings, HREF paths, anchor text, and overall link strength next to the source URL.

It also allows you to list your favorite links so you can use them when needed.

One-click preview of the webpage is also available, allowing you to check the placement of links directly on the

linking site tool. So you don’t have to open dozens of browser tabs.

In addition, advanced filters, search history, and export features make your job easier.

Try LinkMiner Free for 10 days

5. SiteProfiler Overview: Learn about SEO metrics

SiteProfiler, created by Mangools, is a fantastic SEO tool that helps you track the SEO metrics and knowledge of any

site in the easiest way.

This will not only help you to know the SEO authority of any website, but also the backlink profile, the content that

generates huge traffic, the spying on competitors under one roof.

Mangools SiteProfiler features:

The SEO authority checks all websites

Back link health profile

Identify the most popular content that generates traffic

Find competitors and similar sites

I really think you will enjoy using this tool.

So here are the simple steps to get started.

Remember that you must register for the 10-day free trial, which can be done without a credit card.

Step 1: Click here to open SiteProfiler.

Step 2: Enter a valid domain name and click Analyze.

You will be surprised to see all the information about the key SEO metrics and knowledge of your site.

Whether you want to know your domain authorization (DA), page authorization (PA), referral feed, or trusted feed,

you can track everything with a single click.

In addition, Alexa Rank, the number of IPs referenced, and the number of Facebook shares can be rendered superbly

with historical charts where you can easily view historical data.

But that’s not all.

A backlink profile, key content, and competitors are displayed.

The Backlink Profile section shows the total number of backlinks, active backlinks, missing backlinks, referring

domains, largest referring domains, referring IPs, referenced subnets, and anchored text.

The Top Content tab displays a description of the top content of the site, based on the number of Facebook shares

and the referring domain.

You can also see links to this content here.

The Competitors section shows you the best competitors, where you can analyze all the data on your competitors

’websites (SEO metrics, links, top content, competitors) with a single click.

Try SiteProfiler Free for 10 days

So the above SEO tools are all 5 in one package, called Mangools tools. Let’s talk about the price now to see if it’s

worth your money or not.

How about the price of a Mangools SEO tool?

First of all. If you are just starting out and looking for a free way to use Mangools 5 SEO tools, you need to know the


Mangools FREE account

You can get a free account by simply registering on your site. And each free account includes 5 searches in 24 hours,

10 tracked keywords, and 500 backlinks in 24 hours. No credit card required!

If you really want better results, try the premium version, which has more features. They currently have 3 pricing

plans listed below.


We’re now reviewing each one to give you a better idea of ​​the plan that fits your business and budget.

1. Mangools Basic Package: This is the basic package for individual writers, bloggers and SEO fans. This plan costs $

29.90 per month (if we bill annually) or $ 49 per month (if we bill monthly).

This means you can save 40% off your annual plan, even without using the Mangools coupon code.

You can access the following services.

100 keyword searches within 24 hours
200 related keywords per search
25 competitors per keyword search
100 SERP searches within 24 hours
200 keywords can be tracked daily
2000 backlink lines in 24 hours
20 site searches in 24 hours
There are no concurrent logins.

2. Mangools Premium Plan: This is an ideal plan for entrepreneurs, full-time bloggers and SEO professionals.

This plan costs $ 39.90 per month (for monthly billing) or $ 69 per month.

As with the Mangools Basic package, you can enjoy 40% instant discounts in the Premium package even without the

Mangools discount code.

With this package you get the following services:

500 keyword searches in 24 hours
700 related keywords per query
Unlimited number of competitor keywords per search
500 SERP queries every 24 hours
700 keywords are tracked per day
7,000 backlinks are created every 24 hours
70 site searches in 24 hours
3 simultaneous registrations

3. Mangools Agency Plan: This has an advanced plan good for digital marketers and better for those who run agencies. This plan costs $ 79.90 per month (billed at $ 958.80 per year).

With this package you get the following things.

1200 keyword searches in 24 hours
700 related keywords per query
Unlimited number of competitor keywords per search
1200 SERP searches every 24 hours
1,500 tracked keywords per day
15,000 backlinks are created every 24 hours
150 site searches in 24 hours
10 simultaneous registrations
So what are you waiting for?

If you like this KWFinder review with Mangools review combo, give them a try.

Get an instant 40% discount (no Mangools coupon code required)

No matter which Mangools package interests you, you will receive an instant 40% discount without using the

Mangools discount code when you sign up for annual plans.

So how do you get an instant 40% discount on Mangools assets? Follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Click this link to get 40% discount, no Mangools discount code required.

Step 2: You pay $ 358.80 for one year (based on annual plans). That means nearly $ 230 in immediate savings for

the master plan itself.

Or if you don’t have the budget to buy an annual plan, you can even opt for their monthly plans (where you have to

pay $ 49 a month!).

Step 3: Enjoy using Mangools tools and increase search traffic and sales!

Pros and cons

I can’t really finish this review of Mangools SEO tools let alone their pros and cons. So let’s get to know them.


Here are the benefits of using Mangools SEO tools (including KWFinder, SERPWatcher and SERPChecker).

You have access to five great tools including KWFinder (a great keyword search tool), SERPChecker (a great search

results analysis tool), SERPWatcher (a great keyword tracking tool), LinkMiner (backlink analysis ) and SiteProfiler

(SEO statistics and knowledge). ).

Very easy to use. Simply log into your account, enter your keywords and clap. It works like magic.

A browser extension that makes your job much easier

At an affordable price (you get access to 5 great SEO tools for one price!)

You can access a lot of keyword ideas (if you are a keyword research monkey you will love this tool)

Easily accessible trend charts (useful for targeting high-tech topics and long-term keyword ideas)

The interface of all of these devices is incredible (even if you are using your devices for the first time, they are

extremely easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface)


It does not integrate well with all its applications

It doesn’t offer a real dashboard where you can view everything in one place

Some important features are missing, such as an SEO site audit

They are relatively new and their database is not as large as other competing devices

Only 48-hour refund policy (but I get it!)

1. Can I use Mangools tools for free?

Yes, although Mangools devices are in the premium category (see pricing plans above), they have a free plan with

KWFinder, SERPChecker, SiteProfiler 24 keyword search terms in 24 hours, SERPWatcher 10 trackable keywords

and LinkMiner 500 backlinks in 24 hours . Yes, their free version is limited, but enough to better understand how

their devices work.

2. How many tools are available when I sign up for Mangools?

If you sign up for these premium packages (they currently have 3 pricing plans, as discussed in the pricing section

above), you will have access to five of their tools, including KWFinder, SERPWatcher, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, and


3. How easy is it to use Mangools tools?

Using Mangools SEO tools is extremely easy, even if you are using it for the first time. They provide access to all five

of their SEO tools so you can do keyword research, SERP analysis, ranking, backlink analysis and profile analysis

very quickly and easily.

All you have to do is log in to the control panel, enter your chosen keyword or domain name, and let the devices do

the rest. It’s that simple.

4. How are Mangools tools different from other SEO tools like SEMrush?

This is a big question. If you’ve been reading Bloggers ’passion for a while now, you know how much I love SEMrush

(it’s a comprehensive SEO tool, but very expensive for most novice bloggers, starting at $ 100 a month!).

While Mangools is a unique set of SEO tools that meets all your SEO needs. The pricing of these devices is not too

shabby either. Yes, they still cost you a lot, but given the effectiveness of these tools, they are worth every penny.

5. How do I get started with Mangools tools?

Getting started with mango tools is very simple. Just click this link and create an account to use all five SEO tools to

improve your search results and sales.

6. What happens if I’m not happy with Mangools’ tools?

If you are not satisfied, you will be refunded in full within 48 hours of payment. You also have the option to renew,

downgrade, or discontinue your service at any time in your Mangools account.

However, I urge you to try the free version first, and if you think their tools are right for your business, go ahead and

grab all your plans based on your budget.

If you have any questions, please also contact them at Because they have a loyal team, you can

expect very quick responses.


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