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Struggling to increase your blog traffic? I get over 50,000 blog views per month on my first blog and when I started my blog I never thought it would be possible. Maybe you feel the same? You swear you’ve tried everything but don’t see the blog traffic results you want. So I’m sharing exactly what I did to get 100,000 blog views. I want to make sure you are doing everything possible to attract visitors to your blog. If you are ready to learn how to increase your blog traffic to 50,000 monthly visits, read on!
That’s pretty insane when you consider that you can get over 50,000 blog views per month. Here’s the problem, when you have more traffic to your blog, your chances increase. Increase your potential to earn more. This may not be one of your main goals and that’s okay. Before I hit the 100,000 monthly blog views, I could still make money blogging, but once I reached a wider audience, the ways to make money increased.
They can also make you focus more on your content and the chances of getting noticed by the brands you want to work with!

The point is, more blog views can definitely mean more opportunities. In this article, I’ll detail all the different ways you can increase your blog traffic because having a solid content marketing strategy is VERY important.


If you want to get 50,000 blog views, you have to have a solid foundation or you will collapse. What provides a solid foundation for your blog?


If you want to get those blog views, it is important to ensure that you are building your blog on the best platform for your blogging goals. In my opinion, the best platform for bloggers who want to get 50,000 blog visits per month is a self-hosted blog.
That is why:

Excellent for SEO (which I will mention later in this article)

High Site Speed ​​- If your site speed is too slow, your readers will rebound. Slow site speed can also affect your SEO. (how it ranks in Google searches)
You completely own your blog.

It offers unlimited customization and access to plugins that will take your blog to the next level.
It allows you to create a mailing list that you can customize and much more.
In general, having a self-hosted blog is the best option if you are trying to increase your blog traffic and make money from blogging. I use Siteground as my own host and have been doing it for almost 3 years. They have fast server speeds compared to most standalone web servers and I love their customer support.


It is also important to have quality content. If you don’t have quality content, your readers won’t come back to your blog. Having a content marketing strategy is essential, but without marketing quality content, your content strategy will not be as effective.


If you want to get 50000 blog visits, it’s important to make sure your blog is optimized for search engines. SEO is a HUGE topic that overwhelms bloggers (myself included!). It’s also a slow burner that doesn’t show crazy results right away. Many bloggers are putting SEO on the back burner (oops, it’s me again). It can take a lot of extra work for you, so I recommend using the correct SEO from the beginning.

I have some basic tips to share, but if you’re looking for a little more depth, I highly recommend the Stupid Simple SEO course. I bought this course this year and it is an incredible help. Distribute SEO and keyword research in the best possible way. It is certainly an investment, but it was worth it.

Some things to remember with SEO:


When it comes to writing your blog post, you need to write for your audience first and then for search engines. The most important step for doing  SEO is keyword research for your blog. Before writing a blog post, I do keyword research using the keyword research feature.

With this tool I can see how competitive a keyword is and how often a keyword is searched. I try to stay away from very competitive keywords as they are harder to rank for. Long tail keywords work best because the reader is generally looking for a specific answer and is more likely to make a purchase. Long-tail keywords is always less competitive.

Another example: ” read books for personal growth” instead of “must read books”

Essentially long tail keywords are more specific if that makes sense.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the Keysearch tool. I’ll use the “required for books” as an example. When I search for “must-see books”, you can see that it is quite difficult to rank them. You can also see on the right that there are related keywords.

Then you can see the websites listed on the first page at the bottom. I love this because it gives you an idea of ​​the domain authority of these sites. It also lets you know if you used that keyword in your title, meta description, and URL. Otherwise, you can try “diving”. Keep in mind that if they have high domain authority and tons of sites linked to your post, they will be hard to beat.


There are several ways to get backlinks. A popular way for bloggers to get backlinks is to post guests. You can post on someone else’s blog who has high domain authority and is a similar niche. This is when you write a blog post for them and they give you credit and a link to your site. It’s also a great way to get new eyes on your blog.

Another way to get backlinks is to use review articles. For example, maybe you are a food blogger with a cookie recipe. If another food blogger is working on a recap post of the best cookie recipes, you can ask them to add a link to their recap post that links to their blog post on cookie recipes.

Try to collaborate and make friendship with other bloggers in your niche. For example, as a beauty blogger, I worked on a collaborative post with other beauty bloggers where we shared our favorite gift ideas for under $ 50, $ 40, $ 30 Each of us received an amount and Then we are linked to the respective gift guides in our blog post.
I lke that the Keyword tool tells you when a keyword is trending throughout the year. You can see that “required books” have busier research months and slower research months. Your blog traffic won’t always skyrocket and that’s okay.
There are also some helpful YouTube videos showing how to use the Keysearch tool, as there are so many other things you can do with this tool.


Another important part of a good search engine optimized site is to make sure that you link to your related content. It is also very useful for reducing the bounce rate. Bounce rate is how quickly someone leaves your blog once they join. It’s  common for bloggers to have a higher bounce rates. If you think about it, most readers are looking for an answer, and once they find it, they leave.

To help you with your bounce rate, you can link related content to each other throughout your blog post. You can also suggest related content to your readers at the end of each article. Interconnection helps Google crawl and index your content.

Younger SEO

My last basic SEO tip would be to install a useful SEO plugin. I have been using Yoast SEO from the start and am so used to using it that I can’t part with it. It’s a free plugin and once installed, you can enter the keyword you want to rank for. I’ll give you the go ahead if they think your post is correctly optimized to rank for that keyword. Otherwise, you will get a red or yellow light and they will give you tips to improve your post.

Yoast is just a guide and a tool to help you. Just because you have a green light doesn’t mean your post will automatically rank for that keyword.

Like I said, for more detailed tips and strategies, you should definitely grab a copy of Stupid Simple SEO when the next one is available. Jump on their waiting list, it will be worth it.


This is my main source of traffic to my blog. If it hadn’t been for the use of Pinterest to market my blog, I wouldn’t have hit a month of50000 blog views as quickly as possible.

Pinterest is a visual search engine and has the potential to bring you thousands of blog visits per day with the right strategy. Many bloggers tend to put Pinterest aside because they don’t have the time for it. It might take a while, but it is a real game changer and the fastest way to get your blog to 100,000 visits without using ads.

These are just a few ideas. Get creative! When it comes to growing your subscribers you want to make sure you entice them with an “opt-in freebie” This is something you offer your subscribers for free in exchange for them subscribing to your blog.


Another great way to get 50,000 blog visits is through social media. I think it’s safe to say that social media is popular and people use different social media platforms every day. Why not use them to market your blog?


I have a good relationship with Instagram, especially when it comes to using it to grow my website. However, I try to use Instagram as a way to connect with my audience and come back to my social media and blog to find out more.

I find that Instagram doesn’t make it easy to add links, but I like to add links to my Instagram Stories because I have the swipe feature.


I find Twitter extremely underrated in the blogging community! The potential to develop an engaged audience with Twitter is insane. I can get hundreds of blog visits with a single tweet. It is about creating personal contacts on Twitter.
Some useful tips on Twitter:

The positivity shines through the negativity
Be active, tweet every day, but don’t overdo it
Communicate with other people’s tweets
Follow the people who inspire you


There are several ways to market your content through Facebook. My favorite way is to use Facebook groups.

Joining Facebook groups is a great way to connect with other bloggers if you’re just starting out. You can also use Facebook groups to find other bloggers to collaborateand do business with them. Many Facebook groups have feeds that also allow you to share your blog posts with group members.

I will say that creating my Facebook group was a turning point. I started a blog a year and a half ago and since then it has grown to over 25,000 inspiring people who help each other learn and grow.
Having my own Facebook group allowed me to connect with my audience on a more personal level. It has also allowed me to promote my products and services in a more personal way rather than through my blog posts.

You can also market your content through your Facebook business page snd grow your blog. Personally, I haven’t had much success with this, but some bloggers like to show Facebook ads on their business page for specific blog posts or subscriptions.
When it comes to using ads, I recommend paying for ads only when you know your investment will pay off. If you’re just looking to increase your blog traffic, it wouldn’t be worth it. Pay to promote things like signups, blog posts with lots of affiliate links, a product or a course. You want it to be useful or it will be a waste of money.


Let’s take a look at how email marketing can help you boost your blog traffic to 50,000 blog visits. The first step is to make sure you have a mailing list generator. I personally use Mailerlite and love its ease of use. I have a blog post here explaining how to start a blog and set up a mailing list.

Having a mailing list is important because if social media were to disappear, at least you could still connect with your audience via email. Even though social media still exists, email marketing can still connect you with your audience on a personal level.
Here are some ideas for emails you can send to your subscribers:

A welcome series
Weekly / monthly newsletters
Product launch announcements
Exclusive content that only your valuable subscribers can read.
Email behind the scenes
Surveys to learn more about your subscribers and what they want to know more.
Some gift ideas:

course online
step by step guides
exclusive discount codes
diary pages
a monthly challenge
7 days of challenges
It is important to think about your niche and link your donation to it. For example, many photo websites offer a handful of free photos when you sign up for their mailing list. It’s also a great way for your audience to test the quality of stock photos before making a purchase.


Google Analytics is the best way to track your website views as from where its coming. I love that it gives you details about who your audience is and what they like. At the end of each month, I look at my Google analytics to see which blog posts are driving the most traffic to my site.

It’s important to keep posting content that appeals to my audience. If I have a relationship counseling post that gets me the most traffic this month, I know my audience will likely appreciate another relationship-related post.


This is just great advice that can generate a huge amount of visitors if you have a busy crowd. You can try to create a series of blog posts that get your audience to follow you. This can be a weekly or monthly series. You can even put this series on your mailing list!

Examples of blog post series:

7 day challenges (personal care, organization, savings, blogging, personal growth challenges)
6 week challenges (create a similar challenge but spread as 1 new post for 6 weeks)
Blogmas and blogtober are challenges where you create a blog post every day in October and December. I have blog post ideas for both challenges.


Finally, be sure to create easy-to-read content to retain your audience! If you have a lot of text and you don’t break it, it will be overwhelming. Readers love crawlable content, which is why I like to split my content with headers. Moreover, Google can easily crawl your posts.

Try to make your content attractive. Add your personality and be recognizable.

Hope you find these tips helpful! Getting 50,000 blog visits per month is no easy task and requires a lot of work and dedication. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a little longer to reach 50,000 blog views. Every niche is different and what works for one blogger doesn’t always work for the next.



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