Create 2 weeks of social media content in less than 3 hours

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How to create 2 weeks of social media content in less than 3 hours.

One of the biggest challenges for our health and wellness entrepreneurs is finding a balance between social media and everything else in the business. It’s definitely a waste of time, but it’s also one of the easiest (and most accessible) ways to find new customers.

How do you spend the most of your time on social media? Answer: Make a good plan so that you can create as much content as possible in the shortest possible time. This is what I am going to show you today.

Batch processing is essential here. Even if you are constantly creating new content, you don’t always get inspiration at this point. If you don’t know what to write or post, it can take a lot longer than getting everything ready in advance.

First of all I want you to know that you don’t have to do all of these things, that sounds great … it is! I really wanted to show that if you are strategic and willful about social media content, it is really possible to generate weeks of value in a lot less time than usual.

Second, the foundation of this comprehensive strategy is that you have already written an educational and valuable blog post that solves your ideal client’s problems.

Why a blog post?

I’ve written everything about my top three reasons here. The article is almost four years old and is still 100% true.

It is easier to find on Google and other search engines. Statistics show that over 80% of people use it to research health-related information.

You can spend your time creating content that will last forever, but you can reuse it multiple times on social media with my strategy below.

You can actually sell your products, programs, and services through blog posts. This is important not for creating content, but for actually growing your business.

If you spend a lot of time blogging, don’t waste your investment. You share it once and remember that it existed. Remind people on social media once or twice a month, maybe they’ve never seen an old blog post.

Also, keep in mind that organic social media reach is 2% on Facebook and 20% on Instagram. So there’s a five-quarter or better chance that someone won’t know you’ve seen or reused your post. Content. Some people need to see the same thing multiple times before they deal with it, which can even increase the chances of someone becoming a paying customer (and that’s it!).

After creating a blog post, follow these steps to create 2 weeks of social media content in 3 hours:

1.Pinterest Pins

There are tons of health and fitness entrepreneurs who don’t use Pinterest for their business, just take a look at the recipes, health tips, essential oil education, natural and unnatural skin care. toxic recipes and cleaners, and you realize that this is a gold mine for potential new customers.

I only used to create one Pinterest Pin for each of my blog posts, until I started working with a Pinterest expert who wanted multiple Pins for each of them.

When you think about the who;e thing, it makes perfect sense. A design that a person likes may not be like another design, and neither of them can have a different title.

All you have to do is create 3 different Pinterest pin designs using Canva or Photoshop. I show my students how to do this in my course so that your pins match the colors of your brand and company.

Canva has tons of free Pinterest templates that are gorgeous, and it only takes a few minutes to change the image, adjust the colors and add your own title.

Or you can buy a Pinterest pin design from Creative Market for as little as $ 10 which will save you HOURS of time.

You will create 4 Pins for your blog post by replacing the stock photo with your own photo (or any other free photo that suits your brand) and creating 4 different headlines.

If you are using a template, it will only take 20 minutes.

Then you can use a Pinterest planner like Tailwind, Planoly, or Later and post all Pins every 4 days or so in order to drip for 2 weeks.

Pinterest is similar to Instagram in the sense that if you offer content from time to time, instead of downloading it all at once, it allows for organic engagement.

It only takes about 10 minutes to plan your 4 jobs in advance.

I personally use the Tailwind app for Pinterest as there are other features of the paid version like SmartLoop and Tailwind Tribes that you can’t find on Planoly or later (more on how to use these two apps below).

2.Instagram + Facebook Posts

I don’t know about you, but I think it will take a long time to create and post new Instagram content … that’s why I write and schedule all my posts.

Instagram stories are more organic and now (more on that below), but your posts? I’ll put this lot together and save time.

Bonus: Before I post, I can plan my life in advance and make sure it looks good, which is what makes this obsessive A-type management system so happy.

I personally use Planoly to upload my pictures, reposition them to make them look perfect (hello, I’m Ashley and I’m a perfectionist), write my titles, group all my hashtags and schedule posts (or auto-layout). You can also use a later app that is very similar (I will go later in the coming months).

The free version of Planoly allows you to upload, rearrange and schedule 30 images per month, and the free later version allows you to upload an unlimited number of images to your collection, with only 30 scheduled posts per month. There is no free version that allows you to schedule videos or carousel posts (posts with more than one image).

If you use the paid version of Planoly, you can automatically post your comments to the hash marks I made to make the text cleaner. I have an individual plan that costs $ 9 a month that allows me to see the best times to post.

For Facebook, I’m just reusing my Instagram posts. Since Facebook’s organic coverage is very low (on average only 2%), I don’t see how important it is to spend a lot of time creating different content.

Note that if you share a caption to edit a Facebook post on Instagram, indicating that you don’t have to click on the “link” on Instagram, but you can post your link directly in the header.

While editing it, I went to the Instagram post and copied the entire caption. Then I logged in to Facebook, created a new post, pasted a caption, changed the click-to-play section of the resume for the actual direct link, and uploaded the same image.

Here are my strategies for creating 5 separate Instagram and Facebook posts from a single blog post:

Post 1 – A few days before you write your blog post, post a personal picture with a story about how you fought the content of your blog post and the immediate question “what’s your biggest fight with Z?” Let them know that you’re writing a blog post on this topic, and share it when you’re finished doing it.

Post 2 – Share the message that you’ve written a new blog post, and tell people what to do. I like to do this with roundabout posts because sweep gestures are relevant for more information, such as a link that tells Instagram that this is a useful post and helps increase organic coverage.

Again, if you prepare a template for this, it will not take much time (5 minutes after drawing).

Your post can be copied and pasted directly from the introduction of your blog post (see how I did it by clicking on my Instagram post above, it will be copied directly from this blog post).

My post above resulted in 14 website clicks and 2 new followers.

Post 3 – Powerful quote straight from your blog post, catchy quote or focal point, funny anecdote or chart / graphic. Of course, quotes are super easy to share for Instagram tunes right now, if they are super fun or powerful.

Use the template again and add a title to the invitation activity.

I took this photo on canvas for free, it took me about 10 minutes and according to my story shared by 20 people, I reached 5,600 people (70% did not follow me) and got 10 new followers and 15 clicks on the website.

Again, this next photo is about 5 minutes long and was shared by 32 people according to their stories, reaching 14,489 people (91% do not follow me) and I got 5 new followers and 13 clicks on my website.

The text for quotes of this type does not have to be long, nor can it be as short as “Share if you agree!”

Announcement 4 – Post private photos of behind-the-scenes fights related to blog posting. Really share what you feel, the more vulnerable, the better.

Add N.B. which you finally get with the system / solution and they can click on the link on their profile and read the blog post for more information.

Announcement 5 – Another funny or hot picture with offers OR you may want to use a personal photo or stock photo. This text can only share part of your blog, you can even copy and paste directly into that part of your blog post.

You can also add more secret information or hacks that are not shared in the post or share a great photo with recipes that is at the end of the blog post. This text does not have to be a call to action.

Post 6 – IGTV videos, read to learn how to use this amazing feature that rarely benefits!

I usually post only 3 times a week, so those 6 posts will cover me with 2 weeks of Instagram content that is the longest for me!

3.Instagram Stories

If you don’t use Instagram Stories, where have you been ?! They are a great way to increase your knowledge and confidence factor as the stories are less curated and more organic, giving your followers a real sense of you.

Just like you can post an Instagram post from a blog post for longer than 2 weeks, you can do the same with Instagram Stories. And you can get even more information and feedback than asking followers to comment.

Here’s how I used Instagram Stories for 2 weeks:

Story 1 – On the same day as Post 1 above, create a storyline by sharing your struggles for your potential blog post a few days before you plan to write it. Remember this is a research post, we want to know what they stand for so you can inform them in a blog post. At the end, ask what their number 1 fight is on the topic and ask a question box so they can share it with you.

You can share their answers in more stories for the next 24 hours and say that you are going to write a blog post to keep all your useful information in one place.

Story 2 – Share a glimpse as you write posts, make Boomerang fun by scrolling through blog pages

Story 3 – On the day you shared your new blog post (Post 2 above), create a storyline by summarizing the information you shared on the blog. Finally, remind everyone that they can click the link in your bio to read the full blog post, and if you have a free plugin or are upgrading your blog content, please mention it.

For more engagement, you can put a poll sticker on any of the last 15 seconds of the story and ask if this information was helpful to them.

Story 4 – If you know when to turn on Instagram, put it on your story and stick a sticker with a countdown timer. When viewers click on it, they’ll get a notification during your live, so you’re less likely to be talking to someone (is there anything worse than doing it live when no one is watching ?!).

You can do it a few days before, the day before, or even hours before. The countdown sticker is saved so you can use it consistently.

Story 5 – Once you’re done with the live broadcast, come up with a story that reminds everyone it’s available in the next 24 hours

Story 6 – After posting your video to IGTV from your Instagram live (learn more about this below), you can share another series of stories about how you made it live on theme X a few days ago, but if you get yours did you miss the upload recording.

Check out some of the great questions you have asked and which points you have addressed. Finally, mention that they can scroll up to watch the video (yes, anyone has the option to scroll up for this, keep reading for details!).

4.Instagram + Facebook Live

So, we think everyone in our posts has seen our call to read your blog, right? VELE! Sometimes people prefer to watch videos rather than read blog posts, so let’s talk about this at all costs.

Live video is a great way to interact with your viewers, get their feedback and answer questions at the same time.

But again, you do not make a live video to use it once, we use it again! Stay with me.

First, you share Instagram and Facebook at the same time, because why did you do the same thing twice?

You can have a phone and a laptop / desktop computer to run your business. You can transfer Instagram from your mobile phone and view Facebook on your regular computer at the same time. When I started, I wanted to mention that I live on both platforms and I put the phone (on the stand) a little forward and a little bit next to the computer camera, then I go to the device, which I still see in a completely different direction.

To be able to use Instagram directly stored on your phone, make sure the person touches the top 1/3 of the screen by moving away from or towards the camera.

After writing a blog post, the best thing about creating a live video like this is that all the discussion topics are in front of you! You do not have to worry about touching the tangent or leaving the subject. All you have to do is read your blog posts and answer questions or communicate with your audience.

These are the most important things to keep in mind whwn doing these things.

Don’t forget to download the video to your phone as soon as you’re done with the live video on Instagram (click here for instructions).

The download may take a few minutes, but do not assume that it will not work and exit the application. This is the only chance you can get this material and we will use it for something else.

Once you have finished broadcasting on Facebook, you can easily download the video at any time by searching for the video in your stream or in the video section of your page, clicking on it, then clicking on the three dots in the right corner. You will see the option to download the video and save it to your computer.

Your live stream on Instagram will stay in your story for 24 hours, but your live stream on Facebook will last forever, unless you delete it. Cheers, always interesting content!


So you’ve taken Instagram live and definitely saved it to your phone, and now posted it as a video on IGTV so it’s alive forever!

Not many people use IGTV, it is still being tested, but here are some little-known reasons to give it a try:

You can add clickable links in the title – if you mention your video in your blog post or another website resource for a free download, include the link in the title.

You can connect to IGTV episodes with Instagram’s trackscrolling feature even if you don’t have 10,000 followers (that’s right!) – I didn’t know why I had this little link icon in my songs and it was because I had a few videos IGTV! If you’re on the same topic in the future and want to reuse your existing content, just talk about it and you can say “swing my IGTV X workout”.
Since your live broadcast on Instagram is there 24 hours a day, you don’t have to upload the video to IGTV right away, but the next day or two (or even next week).

If your video is 15 minutes or less, you can upload it to your phone directly from the IGTV application.

If your video is 15 to 60 minutes long, you can only upload it from your computer. Go to your profile at, click the IGTV icon to the right of your posts, then use the blue settings button.
When you upload videos to IGTV, you have one way to add an album cover and share it as your post. Sharing a video on your IGTV with your posts will drastically increase the number of views as the first minute will automatically start playing as soon as someone sees it from the source.

If you want to share it as a post, I’ll give it a different title than the blog title you already shared as a post, otherwise it will look the same.

Your cover image can also include a screenshot of your video to make it more interesting, like Caroline and Jason in Scary Wandering. This is what it looks like like a normal post from your source just like anything else.
Again, this may not look like a broken disc, but using templates for all of these captions will save you hours.

Canvas has several free IGTV cover templates that are not ideal as they are not positioned correctly and will likely cut the text in your source preview or in the IGTV application itself. If you want an updated template, this is better here in Creative Market.


Remember that Facebook Live is in a wider format than IGTV recording? This is great for setting up YouTube!

YouTube videos can be searched a lot on Google, and statistics show that 80% of people search for health information, starting with a search engine.

If you were investing in real-time video all the time, why not use it again on a platform with a lot of searches and set it up in less than half an hour?

Like IGTV, you want to make thumbnails (like YouTube video covers), and Canval has several free templates that are modern and simple, and that you can easily customize to your brand in minutes.
To save even more time, reuse IGTV subtitles. Remember to remember keywords, because YouTube is your own search engine and is also mentioned in Google searches.

So, you have how to create 2-week social media content in less than 3 hours!

If it seemed chaotic to you, it’s because it looks great and spreads over two weeks.


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