15 Best Free SEO Tools Blogger Must Know.

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Best Free SEO Tools For Your Blog.

The list of the best free SEO tools will help you turn your blog posts into an SEO engine! We all want traffic to our blog, and the best traffic is organic.

Hello; Hi! Nice to have you if you are new to my blog my name is Sisi! I started this blog as a way to document my journey as a blogger. Like you, I had and still have many questions on the blog, but my goal is to answer all of them! In this blog, you will find tips and tricks to help you become a better blogger and get noticed!

If you don’t have a blog or are planning to start one, I highly recommend that you start the blog of your dreams right away. I also got the idea for this blog and I’m glad I finally did! If I did, you can too!

Do you know why? Because you are unique and special, no one has this idea in you and only you can make it happen!

The Ultimate Blogger Cheat Sheet

That said, click here to find out how to start your dream blog today. It’s easy and I’ll guide you! Having said that, let’s move on!
If you need a beginner’s blog guide, this is the guide for you! These blog SEO tips will help you increase your blog traffic and social media presence.
Your website is your online business, which is why markup is very important. Search engine optimization is the key to organic traffic and ultimately to making money with your blog!

So what is SEO?

Search engine optimization is simply about maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears at the top of the list of results returned by a search engine.

Let’s see these best free SEO tools for keyword research:

Best Free SEO Tools No. 1.Google

Google is one of the best sources for SEO. I think this is a great free SEO tool that can help you find great keywords for your blog!

So how do you get started? Go to google.com and start searching for a term. Before pressing Search, press the space bar to see more search terms.

Do you see how easy it was?

This way you can see what people are really looking for. At the same time, once you click Search, Google will give you some suggestions at the top and bottom of the results page. It could also be used as a keyword for your next post.

Best free seo tools 2. Semrush.

This tool is packed with information as soon as you sign up for the free / trial version. I was able to track the status of my keywords and how I was ranked on Google! SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media research and video advertising.

SEMRush is a specific tool to find profitable keywords. We live in an age where SEO is at the forefront of a successful blog. SEMRush is a program many bloggers new and old are using to optimize their sites, create the content their audience wants and create a better experience for their visitors.

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Best free seo tools 3. Google trends.

The free Google Trends tool is a very useful and often overlooked search engine optimization tool.
Choose your top searches in Google Trends to find not only additional topics and relevant searches, but also those that became relevant during the chosen time period. It helps you discover trending keywords.

Google Trends also shows how the relevance of a search varies by region.

Best free seo tools 4. Hypersuggest.

Hypersuggest is an SEO tool that provides search terms and keywords based on the search term you typed.
It provides you with: reverse suggestion, normal suggestion, suggestion and W questions. This tool is free and you can also choose your source (Google and Youtube). It’s worth it and it’s a good tool even for those who are YouTubers.

Best free seo tools 5. ubersuggest.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used ubersuggest to find keywords related to a topic! I love how easy and simple it is.

You can search among these categories:
Spider web
Use Übersuggest to quickly find new keywords not available in Google Keyword Planner. Take your keyword research to the next level with tons of keyword ideas for SEO, PPC, and your next content marketing campaign.

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Best free seo tools 6. Google Keyword Planner.

I personally consider the Google Scheduler to be very well known. It works quite well and provides so much information about keywords.

Many tools rely on Google Keyword Planner and I highly recommend it if you want to work on your SEO skills!

You can search for keyword and ad group ideas, monitor keyword list performance, and even create a new keyword list by multiplying multiple keyword lists.

Best free seo tools 7. keyword.io.

Keyword help us to print people’s benefits on information, products and services.

It’s also like what’s on the platform, it’s a different cartridge. In addition, there are many different sources, they must be very beautiful and have the best in our pubs!

The value of this tool is not used in any way, but it is also a great tool and it is also a pro version for people who want it!

Best free seo tools 8. SEO book.

This SEO book of keyword tools is known as the quick, free, and detailed alternative to Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Depending on your topic / industry and location, search engines can have very different search volumes. The tool can only provide approximations.

Provides a CSV export option that allows you to export data in the interface, as well as automatically format keyword lists for different PPC ad matches: Exact Match, Exact Phrase, Custom Keywords Wide, Wide, and Negative.
Provides market recommended gross daily search volumes for Google and Bing Yahoo! search network.
Associate search volumes with associated aggregate search results.
Provides links to Google AdWords pricing tools.
Links to Google Trends, Google suggestions, and other tools that provide keyword search results.


Best free seo tools 9. Keywords verywhere.

The Keywords Everywhere plugin is your free keyword tool. It can be easily installed on Chrome or Firefox. The best part is that we show you data from Google on keyword search volume, cost per click, and keyword competition across various websites.

The websites we currently support are:
(1) Google.com: data is displayed below the search text box
(2) Google Search Console: data is displayed on the Search Analytics page
(3) Google Analytics: data displayed in organic and search engine optimization -> Query pages
(4) Google Trends – data displayed in query widget
(5) Google keyword planner: data is displayed in a new column
(6) Google search
(7) YouTube: data displayed below the search box
(8) Amazon: data displayed below the search box
(9) eBay: data is displayed below the search box
(10) Etsy: data is displayed below the search box
(11) UberSuggest
(12) AnswerThePublic.com
(13) Soovle.com: data displayed next to each keyword on the page
(14) KeywordShitter.com – data displayed below main text box next to keywords
(15) Majestic – Anchor Text Report
(16) Moz Open Site Explorer – Anchor Text Report

Best free seo tools 10. Chrome SeoStack Keyword Tool.

SeoStack Keyword Tool is a powerful keyword research tool to boost your SEO and content marketing. This is a fast and easy to use long keyword generator. You can generate thousands of low competition long tail keywords from various search engines.
1. Get keyword suggestion from the following search engine.

2. Export the keywords to a CSV file.
3. Open the tool in different tabs for ease of use.


Best free seo tools 11. alltop.com.

Alltop’s goal is to help you answer the question “What’s going on?” in “all topics” that interest you. A search engine is useful to answer a question like “How many people live in China?” However, it is much more difficult to answer the question “What is happening in China?” This is the kind of question we answer.

Best free seo tools 12. Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo helps me get popular in forums, amazon, reddit, quora on voor elk trefwoord Q&A sites.

Voer een onderwerp of merknaam in en zie direct de vragen die echte mensen stellen. Porte rechtstreeks naar deze bronnen gaan, krijgt u een beter inzicht in de meest urgent behoeften van uw publiek.

Best free seo tools 13. answerthepublic.

I think Answerthepublic is a great keyword tool! I like the uniqueness of this site with the guy waiting for him to write🙂

According to their About: Automated suggestion results from Google and Bing are a goldmine for marketers these days. As you type, you will get an overall view of the questions, giving you an idea of the motivations and emotions of the people behind each query.

Best free seo tools 14. soovle.com.

Look for tips and additions from the best providers and the Internet. Easy to use, fast and efficient. Some of the search engines that can be listed in soovle: Google, Bing, Amazon, Answers.com, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Youtube …

The only negative about Soovle is that I really don’t like the interface. It’s not that friendly and I can’t copy the keywords.

Best free seo tools 15. lsigraph.com.

This free keyword lsigraph tool will get you started generating latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords for your SEO needs with our free LSI keyword generator. This can help you rank higher with LSI keywords. (It also has a WordPress plugin, though it pays off!)



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