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Welcome to my WP SalesPollPro Review!


Thanks to the evolution of online marketing, more and more people tend to generate traffic on the Internet to make huge profits online. As a site owner, you need to add value to your prospects, engage them, listen to their feedback, and offer them something specifically designed for their unique needs.

However, in order to provide all these features to your marketing website, you need to spend a lot of time, even struggling to write posts or pay for expensive tools to help you increase your productivity. I have to say that you need to stop it right now to find another product that is more beneficial than yours and it is called WP SalesPollPro.

Using WP SalesPollPro, you know exactly what your site visitors are looking for, allowing your active customers to stay up to 34% longer on average, sharing more often and returning again and again.
WP SalesPollPro is a very profitable product that allows you to create attractive surveys to capture your customers’ attention and conduct market research in just a few clicks.

Owning this powerful plugin means that you never have to spend your budget on any tool to increase your website engagement, this gives you everything you need to make your affiliate sites attractive.
With WP SalesPollPro you can:

+ Create interactive surveys and comments to increase conversions and sales

+ Edit poll / review poll results

+ Add up to 7 social sharing symbols in / in the result bar / popover and they come on demand

+ Increase sales and conversions by sending your users to relevant offers and content, etc.

+ Insert countdown bars and specific SPECIAL MESSAGES into an optional feature

+ Add or remove one of the individual content modules when creating surveys / reviews.

+ Optionally you can add any content in the well-known WYSIWYG editor in our exclusive control generator control panel

+ Optionally, you can add any external HTML domain site with simple copy and paste code

+ Add a built-in email form to capture and save leads in the plugin

+ Add multiple polls / comments to a single page via shortcode or snippet

+ Surveys and results are similar to mobile device users

+ Work globally (on site)

+ Compatible with 99.9% themes and page builders

And it includes useful orientation series that are:

+ The “WP-SalesPollPro” plugin loaded with features.

+ Step by step videos.
STEP 1: Download it

Download and install this plugin on your WordPress dashboard and website.
STEP 2: Create surveys / comments

You can easily create more surveys or comments with just a few clicks.
Then you can also customize them in many different ways. Then click “Save”
STEP 3: Send and enjoy

Submit your polls / comments on your pages and you’re done. Now you’re just laid back to enjoy increased engagement, conversions, sales and profits. Time to get more eyes on your sites, get more conversions and sales.

With WP SalesPollPro, you no longer have to worry about finding the best ways to increase your visitor engagement, increase conversions, sales, leads, and profits. All you have to do is deliver products, this will do the rest for you, from connecting with your audience on an emotional level, improving your site’s search engine ranking to convincing users to provide feedback and insight. clear of visitors. behavior.

Once you know exactly what your customers think, you can easily focus on your prospects and earn passive income from them. Here are also many benefits that you can get from this WP SalesPollPro.

♥ Create fun, engaging and revealing polls / comments to grab your visitors’ attention

♥ Conduct niche research with just a twist in a few clicks

♥ Get great conversions by sending people the offers they want and requesting

♥ Redirect your visitors effectively to any site based on their own responses

♥ Create polling information and integrate it directly into your HTML email with point-and-click ease

♥ After polls / reviews, you should also engage your visitors with video overlays that promote conversion

♥ Take your surveys and Go Viral offers by inserting buttons to share on social networks in minutes

♥ Give free gifts that will make your visitors love you and come back for more

♥ Expand your email list and increase conversions by adding buttons for countdown timers, call-to-action buttons, form code signing, etc.

♥ Breathe to your old HTML sites by simply copying and pasting simple code

♥ Immediate increase in results: no need to wait

♥ and much more.



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