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Traffic Cloud is a brand new traffic solution that allows you to create unlimited and INCREDIBLE visual posts and share them on six different social media platforms to drive 100% free buying traffic in just a few clicks.
No matter how attractive your content is, how great your product is, solid websites that you have implemented and know affiliate marketing … If you can’t generate targeted traffic that converts, you are SUNK forever.
Maybe you’ve heard all this before, and maybe you’ve already tried a lot of methods to generate traffic and failed.
Whatever the case, if you want a magic button that solves all your traffic problems with the touch of a button … make sure you read every single word on this page! …
Traffic Cloud is an innovative software that solves the major traffic problems by generating 100% FREE viral traffic from six different social media giants: Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest and Imgur.
It allows users to create or edit unlimited records from their massive collection of visual assets (images, quotes, GIFs), it allows them to click by embedding their links and sharing them on the six social media platforms with just a few clicks.
These engaging clickable posts act as traffic magnets that stand out and get the desired clicks that drive users to your sites / offers and turn them into leads.
Along with instant sharing, you can also schedule your posts to be published at any time in the future, as well as we have a detailed analytics feature that gives you clear statistics on the likes and comments you get after the post.
In other words, TRAFFIC CLOUD solves your biggest traffic problems without …
Pay for ads
Slow and painful SEO
Hire a social media administrator or
Do all the manual work yourself.

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FREE unlimited traffic from Red-hot Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger.
Brand new social post creator to create / edit very attractive images in minutes.
Option to choose from a massive collection of 2 billion viral images and 20K + GIFs for your traffic magnets.
Integrate links and generate 100% free viral traffic to your site or offer in 5 flat minutes.
Advanced automation using keywords to make everything easy for you.
Get detailed analytical reports – know what works and what doesn’t
Cloud based, use anywhere in the world without installing anything
Create traffic streams to “configure and forget” at the touch of a button
The fastest way to “increase” your earnings online without tiring and tedious work
100% friendly to beginner. No previous experience required
Loaded with the agency license to set it to earn six figures a month.
Imagine catching unlimited traffic from MULTIPLE platforms on social media Without paying for ads or social media experts.
Engage these huge audiences at a level never before possible: stop people on your news channels and CLICK on their offers.
You can do all this for continuous and profitable traffic campaigns. you can drive anywhere or offer any niche.
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Here is a demo video showing you how the traffic cloud works.

Internet Marketing: Drive traffic to your new and existing autopilot product offering, 100% FREE.
Affiliate marketing – Promote your affiliate offers to launch product launches and top affiliate dashboards with 24/7 campaigns.
Entrepreneurs: Make new ideas into shareable and amazing images and gather the customer base in seconds.
Website Owners – Sharpen your site’s traffic and social media stays with high-quality images.
Bloggers: Get more visitors to read your content longer with visuals.
Advertisers: Create and share eye-catching, clickable graphics for multiple businesses in seconds.
Local / offline businesses – no more expensive freelancers and manual work! Share marketing material that distracts traffic in minutes.
Podcasters – Advertise your new episode with an eye-catching visual post on social media and let people bombard your site.
Social Media Marketers – Get better results in less time by automating your content creation and sharing.
Ecommerce Owners – Get FREE buying traffic for your products and get more sales.
With TRAFFIC CLOUD, generate 100% FREE buying traffic for any site or offer.
TRAFFIC CLOTH – Is it worth buying?
Free constant traffic and CONVERT to your offers in minutes
Exploiting the potential of attractive images WITHOUT paying your nose
Get more specific leads, more buyers and higher profits
Create your own TRAFFIC SERVICE AGENCY business and watch your business and income grow
Manage all your posts and social media accounts directly from ONE DASHBOARD
Generating All Firepower From Paid Ads Without Cost
Get results from a full-time social media manager WITHOUT hiring one
And much more…

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Traffic Cloud RATES
You can get StoryPal Reloaded almost for free with the early $ 37 discount price on the release date, which is May 4 at 5 p.m. 10.00 EST.
You have access to two flexible license settings (1) Personal use (2) Agency rights and
2 billion + searchable images
20K + search GIF
Viral posts creator to create / edit unlimited posts
Advanced automation using keywords
Make all your posts clickable via integrated links
Instant 1-click sharing on hot Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger
Schedule posts to be shared anytime in the future
Detailed analytical reports that contain the exact number of likes and comments you receive
And much more
Use this coupon code “TRAFFIC $ 2OFF” to get a $ 2 discount on the agency fee license.
Click here to buy Traffic Cloud for personal use.
You have access to two flexible license settings (1) Personal use (2) Agency rights and
2 billion + additional search images
More than 1200 viral search offers.

Instant 1-click sharing on 3 additional social platforms: Tumblr, Imgur and pinterest
Advanced automation using keywords
With 7 extra fast-acting bonuses
Bonus # 1: WooCommerce Member Secrets
Bonus # 2: Simple extensible social
Bonus # 3: Social Media Automation
Bonus # 4: Social Media Manager 2.0
Bonus # 5: Periscope for Entrepreneurs
Bonus # 6: Video Updates for Social Notification Apps for Sellers
Bonus # 7: Video update with maximum productivity
Buy Traffic Cloud PRO now
Reseller rights allow you to sell TrafficCloud as your own and retain 100% of the profits.
With 7 fast-acting bonuses
Bonus # 1: URL Turbo Dynamic
Bonus # 2: Shopify Traffic
Bonus # 3: Keyword Study Ninja 2.0
Bonus # 4: Video update of sales funnel optimization strategies
Bonus # 5: Backlink Analyzer software
Bonus # 6: Modern niche marketing video updates
Bonus n. # 7: Software Methods to Make Money Under Cover.

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